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31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Yes, today is very very very quite!

Hahaha everyone has celebrated their Halloween last weekend!

I went to Singapore flyer with my brother last Saturday *again!*

YES! I didn't manage to sell my tickets away phew..

However, luckily I was still scared HAHAHAHA!

There were more actors on the day!

I saw Japanese Soldier, Hantu, Pontianak and many many more!

They didn't stand there only. They WALKED!

Oh my! I screamed for a couple of times lol!

It was FUN!

Watch this video on the Fright Fest Media Preview

Anyway, here's a close up picture of my nail art.

I used black, purple shatter polish and a nail dot pen to do this nail art.

I named this The Purple Mystery Nail Art =D

Very simple and easy to do.

Lastly, here's a picture of my ass HAHA Pervert!

Look at Gucci! not me!

My back is his favorite resting spot.

Thanks baby! Mami's body is no longer straight because of you!

HAHAHAHAHA what is the logic? lol

Have a great day!

My next exam : 02 NOV 11 !!

I promised to wake up early and go to school to revise tomorrow



  1. Oh my! Gucci is uber cute!


  2. Hey Juliana! Thx for dropping by! =)

  3. nails are awesome (:

    CMPang x

  4. Happy Halloween ^^ You seem to be having fun.


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