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28 October 2011

Freebies Day : Cupcakes and Roll from TheIcingRoom, Movie Ticket from Prevview, Pink hair curler set from Vidal Sasson, Max Mara from Trey Wong!

YAY! Two more exams to go!!!
OMG! I only slept one hour last night.
I woke up early and headed to school to study my Global Marketing in the mad early morning today!

The library wasn't even open yet!

Btw, here's some pictures of my hair as promised.

Bad girl.

Good girl.

I was sitting on a bench facing a reflect-able glass studying my notes this morning.

In short, I could see what's going on my back.

I noticed that most people who walked by would look at my hair for a second!

HAHAHAHA It must be my hidden blonde hair (attention-seeking duh!)

Anyway, how's my exam?

Hm..Honestly, I don't know, I never feel prepared whenever I step into the grand hall.

I always go in to try my luck =_=" what a bad habit!

After the exam, I went to Jalan Anggrek Merpati by bus 154, as planed.

I've collected my hair curler from Vidal Sassoon!

They are in gorgeous pink color! I can wait to share it here.

Then I took Bus 65 to Somerset!

The purpose was to collect these sweet cupcakes!

Thank you very much for the complimentary desserts, TheIcingRoom!

They look and taste really great!

However, I was hoping that there were more cream on the top =P

Blueberry Cupcake

Strawberry Cupcake

Chocolate Walnut Cupcake

Pineapple Cupcake

I choosed the Strawberry cupcakes!

Gucci also want the cupcake!

Look at my unglam expression! Hahahhaa..

Yes, I am showing off my cute lil cupcake to you =P


It's really soft duhay!

Guess what? other than cupcakes, I received a Chocolate Crunch Roll too!

I have yet to try it! Hm...Maybe tomorrow =D

After from Somerset, I walked to Far East Plaza!

It was raining and I had to run!

Fortunately I was wearing sandal or else I am not alive now hahaha =P

I went to Far East Plaza to trim my eyebrow and I did and EPL session too.

(Refer to my pic above) I love my current eyebrow!

Move on, from far east plaza I took bus 105 to Commonwealth lane, Commonwealth One

to collect my movie ticket from Prevview Hahaha It was like a "Freebies Collection day" ckck!

The route that I planned was bravo!

I manage to visit so many places and most importantly it's in flow!

After collecting my movie ticket, I took direct bus home!

See! I told you, everything was well-planned haha!

Then, I went home for a while to take those pictures above. Hahaha!

I am not done yet!

After a busy day, I continued it with a busy night!

I attended Trey's birthday at Rewind.

Guess what? I won Trey's lucky draw! Hahaha seriously a "Freebies Day"! LOL

If you are reading this, thank you so much for the awesome party and also the Max Mara, Mr Trey Wong!

Today is a good day! Tomorrow too! Hahaha Attending some events tomorrow!

Ok. Gonna sleep now. Good night!

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