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05 October 2011

Exotic meats : Bat, Wild Boar and Snake at Fresh Beer Batam!

Yay! Dear readers, I'm in Indonesia now! =D

I have been here for 3 days!

Good news! I've not open my book and study for my upcoming exam*suicide*

I wonder if I've made the right choice to come back here for study duh!

Ohya! I went to saloon to shorten my bangs yesterday lol

Yesterday I went out for lunch with papa mama and meme.

They brought me to this place called "Fresh Beer"

Well, yes, they brought me to a pub.

Hehe..The purpose for bringing me there was to eat SNAKE meat (Ohmy!)

If you've been reading my blog, you should have known that I've skin problem.

According to my parent, SNAKE is good for skin =_="

And so, they brought me there for a meal.

This place offers a lot of exotic meat.


misc meats that are not listed in the menu =x

Other than those interesting meat, their focus is to sell BEER.

Here's the basic 3 types of beers that they offer.

Green Beer with 7% of alcohol

Light Beer 5%, 7% of alcohol

Dark Beer 5%, 8% of alcohol

Price is Rp 15.000/mug about S$2.00 only!

All of the beers are stored in these metals and woods barrel

and freshly served to you when you order.

This is dad's dark beer.

Well, unfortunately I couldn't taste it and review it for you.

I am an anti-alcohol person =P

Anyway, let's move on to the food section.

Picture shown above is Kalong (BAT's heart).

It costs Rp 100.000 or about S$13 per plate!

Review: It tastes a lil bit disgusting even after it's stir with ginger sauce.

I tastes like blood cube or chicken heart.

However, bat's heart is good for asthma and skin problem.

And it's Rp 100.000 per plate.

I have to force myself to swallow them even it's not really nice lol

This is Rica Rica Babi Hutan (Wild Boar/Pig) in curry sauce.

If you wonder what's wild boar, this is a picture of it...

Source: FreshBeer Facebook

Mum said wild boar doesn't have any benefit for my skin and it's fattening.

And so, mum said I cannot eat those muahahaha...

According to my sister, it tasted good though and it smells really great too! =D

The price of this dish is Rp 50.000 about $7/plate

Instead of snake, the restaurant owner offers this Biawak

(This sort of a Lizard but big one)

In Chinese, they called this four legged snake.

This biawak is good for skin. It can cure your sensitive and allergic skin.

I felt like I was eating fish (because of the bone) and it tastes just like chicken.

In fact, it's much much much sweeter and nicer than chicken.

I love this fried biawak/biawak goreng dish! =D

It costs Rp 50.000 / $7 per plate.

Total including plain rice, beer and other soft drinks,

we spent Rp 250.000/ S$ 35 for a meal of 4 with the dishes mentioned above.

That's consider pretty expensive in Indonesia.

With that amount of money, we can have a party of 10 in a normal restaurant.

However, consider the exotic meat, I think it's consider reasonable.

As those type of meats are difficult to find.

Usually for us, we need to travel to a place (called Bengkong),

that's very far from the city for those exotic meat.

Fresh Beer is conveniently located in town - Nagoya and Batam Center.

Do check their Facebook Here.

Or visit their website at


  1. Hi.. Could you tell me the name of this restaurant?.. And thank you for sharing..

  2. It is Fresh Beer Batam restaurant.


Thanks for your lovely comment!