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27 September 2011

Sponsored Review: NEW Benico (Hot and Cool) 3D Sheet Masks

Thanks to Eternity Inter Trade, I received some masks for review!
I love to review mask! Masks are heavenly good!
Anyway, there's a lot of mask in the market!
Then, what are their difference?
The ingredient, the sheet and also the way they work.
Popular masks are usually from Korea, Japan and Taiwan!
And today, I'll be reviewing BENICO mask - made in Korea designed for Japanese!

What is so special about Benico 3D masks?
It features a revolutionary 3D cutting
which is tailored to fit the contours of your face better
than regular sheet masks.
In addition, it is available in two types! Hot and Cool!

Hot series;
Marine Collagen - Moisturizing
Rice - Anti wrinkle
Royal Jelly - Anti aging

Cool series;
Bulgarian Rose - Whitening
Tea Tree - Soothing
Aloe - Skin Elasticity

They are so personalize and know me well! Muahaha..

I love moisturizing masks and I love rose =D

This is the Bulgarian Rose Mask.

Bugarian Rose is having a unique formula for sensitive skin problems. It relieves tension of your skin. And it specially contains rose essence, provide moisturizing, anti-sensitive and anti-oxidant effect.

My review:

It smells light and nice.

Very relaxing and soothing.

What I love about BENICO mask is that,

the sheet is made from 100% pulp sheet instead of usual cotton!

The way you use cool series mask it to soak it into ice water or put it into the fridge!

I love cooling mask as cooling-effect product can minimize pores.

Unfortunately for the whitening effect, I didn't see it on my 1st time of usage.

Let's move on, this is the hot mask!

The marine Collagen Mask.

Marine Collagen contains collagen, which can effectively increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness, leaving your skin smooth and translucent. Also, this product aims at the dry skin problem, it embracing the sea water particles and it can instantly plump water into your skin cells.

My Review:

I did felt that my skin was hydrated immediately after my first usage.

What I don't like about this mask is that,

I need to boil water and soak this in.

Troublesome, waste time and water *so not environmental friendly*

But, for the effect, I would say that this is definitely worth it.

It works well on my sensitive skin too.

The masks can be found in Watson.

For more information, visit Eternity Inter Trade Facebook.

They will be happy to answer your question!

Lastly, They will be having a sale starts from TOMORROW!

28 Sept to 30 Sept @ Eternity Inter Trade

24 Raffles Place #20-04C, Clifford Centre

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