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28 September 2011

Shopping - Forever21

Today I went to Orchard for shopping! =D

Like finally! I often go to Orchard with him and that is not a *shopping* trip pls.

That's more like a JOB =_="

Anyway, I went to a couple of places..

From SIM - Bus 75 - Alight at Great Eastern Mansion

Change to Bus 106 - Alight at Lucky Plaza!

The first place that I went to was TANGS!

I went there to collect my items from Shu Eumura hoho..

Move on, through underpass, I moved to ION ! =D

I browsed around and visited all of my favorite store!

Anyway, here are some items that I got..

These are from Forever21 !

Frolicking Felines Lace Back Top

a Big Star Ring and also a shade F1797 Sunglasses!

They are really affordable duh!

Total for all were about less than $50!

The price of Star Ring is about $13?

Sunglasses is about $11

and the Top is about $20+

The top is awesome! Lace+Purple+Black! They are my favorite element and color!

See that? Translucent lace back ckckck..

This is another item.

It's a dove/swift print dress in soft pink color!

So miu miu inspired isnt?

I love Forever21!!!

Affordable, Fashionable and Unique!

Here's a close up picture of my ribbon ring!
So shiney wohoOoooOoo!

Ohya! That's my latest nail art..

I called it the purple swirl~ so messy ckckck!

After my shopping trip,

I went to Rapellez at Liat tower for my face treatment and also PTF! =D

They are celebrating their 9th Anniversary now! wohoo!

Stay tune for the exciting post!

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