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05 September 2011

Pedro Woman: Pony Hair Leather Sexy Killer Heels

Another random item that I got recently.
Sis and her fiance were here last weekend.
We went to Vivo City for shopping, Garuda dinner and watch Final Destination 5!
We walked around the mall after the movie and he randomly bought this heel for me.

He said "Eh..this is nice!"
"Mhh...YES nice, but this is too high"
"Try it on.."
"Ah...This is difficult to walk with"
"Just try it on first..."
"Omg! Nice and comfortable!"
"You like it? Then just buy it"
"You are paying?"
"Yes, yes.."
And I got ma heels at $1.50 only ( lol superstitious I gave him $1.50)
He paid $93-10% (as I have Pedro member card!) for it.

A lil bit regret for him because, birthday month which is just next month,
my membership card will entitle me 20% discount! lol (so calculative)

But 93 - 20% It will saves him another $9.3! and we can use that for taxi fare!
Ok there's a risk too (omg it reminds me of my business finance test on Wednesday!)
There's a risk that next month, the heels won't have my size anymore.

Anyway, you like my heels?
It's mad-tall but surprisingly comfortable.
Remember the last heels I bought from Pedro? click here
It's still as good as new! That's the only heels that last me for almost two years!

To see more product visit:


  1. pazzion heels are awesome as well.. check it out their new collection.. :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!