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22 September 2011

My life this week

Hi everyone! How's you day? =)
I did quite a few things today..

1. I replied all of the emails
2. I watched loads of youtube video
3. I watched some dramas on - Material Queen and Sunshine Angel
4. I received some items from blogshop for my review
5. I cooked 2 plates of fried rice
6. I read the Cleo Magazine I bought recently..
7. And now, blogging..

Honestly, my life is pretty plain. I can't wait to get wild!

I have a global marketing class at 12pm tomorrow.
At the same time, he's going back to Indonesia for holiday!
My bro and his bro went back to Indonesia since last week.
Which means, I am gonna be alone this weekend huh!
In fact, I have been alone during the weekend in these recent years.
Anyway, next week is my last week for this semester! Pretty excited!

I will go back to Indonesia after my last class!
Planned date is 1st or 2nd of October.
I need to go back and find a finance expert!
I need help and extra tuition for my Business finance subject!
Any kind soul?
(not to self) My very first exam is scheduled to be on..

24 October 2011 Business Finance
28 October 2011 Global Marketing
02 November 2011 Sales Strategy and Communications Skills
08 November 2011 Strategic Marketing

and after those date, I will turn really WILD.
You've been warned! Haha..

Let's take a few steps back!
Btw, my cousin, Santi is getting married this weekend!
Unfortunately I am unable to make it.
Sincerely apologize and Happy Marriage babe!
Move on, I have some appointments next week.
1. Appointment with Rapellez- Kiseki Light and IPL at Rapellaz- Orchard
2. Redeem my Chewy Junior donut - 313 somerset
3. Collect Freshel Skincare Hamper from Kao Singapore - Bugis
4. Collect my Johnny Walker Party Ticket - UE square
5. Collect items from Dell Singapore - Joo Chiat

Haiz it's gonna be a boring and busy week.
I just received a msg and mum is coming tomorrow!
Yay! We can go for shopping together wohooo...

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