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11 September 2011

Genki Sushi - Food delivered by F1 Car @ Orchard Central

Today I would like to share about this restaurant located at Orchard Central!
We went down to Orchard during the weekend remember?
We went to Genki Sushi for lunch that day! =D
I was attracted by the cute Mr Genki logo lol

Everything is in yellow and the restaurant is considered small.

What's interesting about this restaurant?

They are using ‘Kousoku’ (Express) System

It is a highly sophisticated serving innovation that intelligently delivers food to diners

tables in two to three minutes!

Shaped like a Shinkansen bullet train

or Formula One car travelling on a track
above the main conveyor belt!

The double deck Kousoku system has only

been used in Japan for less than six months!!!

I thought this is interesting! They saved a lot of manpower cost, I believed.

However, this technology may cause confusion as well!!

What if what we received is not what we ordered?

What if the food is polluted along the way? *you know right, children are naughty!

What if the train jam half way? Hahaha just like how AYE jam every morning haha!

What if the person don't want to press the button and return the train? Muahahaha!

Anyway! we spent about $27 on our food!
Hm...not really cheap, not really expensive as well.
Reason? the food was not up to standard.
The sushi tasted just like any sushi we can get from cold storage.
My petite chicken teriyaki don portion was really small.
I was hoping they can include more meat in it.
I know right, $3.20 what to expect? ckck but seriously I expect a lot hahaha!
Because, I can get a big portion of katsu don with soup with fruit with salad for $3.65 only! HAHAHA!
Anyway, the temaki aka hand roll sushi and Aburi Ebi Kuro Kosho were nice though...
Ingredients considered fresh but unfortunately the seaweed and rice were not up to expectation.

Lastly, watch this video and get the idea of food delivered through train!

Ps: Last Last Last Lastly, I hope you can subscribe to my channel =D


Have a great day!

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