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10 September 2011

Contagion. Shaw Lido- IMax. Baked by Lace. Cetaphil. Orchard

Today I went to Orchard =D

It has been a while since last time I went there! and I miss Orchard lol!

I was thinking about visiting the new H&M store located near to Cineleisure

but finally I didn't. I decided to give it a miss simply because, the queue was crazy!

Here's my make up and attire of the day!

I was hesitating! Haha the colour and the print of the dress are very bold.

I hope I did not give auntie-ish impression ckkck...

Here's my shiny nail of the day! =D

He purposely gave me a funny expression and he forced me to mosaic his face duh!

He even requested his face to be covered with Manchester United logo! wth!

If you really want, Do It Youself! =P

He is going to kill me for this photo. Hahaha Excuse me!

I wasn't capturing you! Gucci is the object in this photo =P

His Massimo Dutti bracelet.

Decided to have a full body shoot! Hahaha..

Ps: I am not that slim (well if you think that I look slim in the photo) Hahaha

It's just the angle =P I swear I didn't ps this picture!

An artistic shoot =P

We went to many places today!
Our journey started from Orchard Central!
We were planning to visit Oceanus Kitchen@ Orchard Central.
Unfortunately they were temporarily closed and so, we went to Genki Sushi!
(Stay tune for the post and review of the restaurant)

After that, we went to Scape -For Flea Sake- to collect my cupcakes! Keep reading...
On the way there, I spotted this Night Safari- Halloween Horror 2011 booth in front of Cineleisure.
It reminds me of a post that I did last year! I took some photos with some hantus there!

I have never been to any Halloween themed event before.
This year, I decided to join the fun at Singapore Flyer!
I bought 2 tickets for 29 October from! It was selling at $24 only!
It is an extremely GREAT DEAL! Usual price for the flyer flight is almost $30!
AND this $24 deal include admission to the FrightFest @ Rainforest and complimentary drink!
So sorry but the date that I bought, which is 29 October has SOLD OUT!
what's left is 28 October and 30 October only!
I predict, the next date to be sold out is 29 as it is Friday!! Quickly go and grab yours before it ends!

Move on, we went to Ngee Ann City!

There was a Mooncakes Fair happening near to the fountain.

I purposely went there as I want to get My Cetaphil!

I received an sms from them informing me that they are having a roadshow near to the fountain.

I managed to grab these...

Total damage was almost 200!!

I saved a lot too! The cleanser is selling at $29.90 in Watson and

I got the cleanser from my doctor at $24.90

They were having promotion and I got it for $23.90 only!

The cleansing bar was on promotion too!

Compared to the highest price, Total I saved more than $50 !!

+ I received some freebies from them as well.

Good Deal isn't?

After that, we went to Shaw Lido for movie!

Ehya! Remember the cupcakes I collected earlier?

It was cupcakes courtesy of Baked by Lace..

Thank you so much! They are really cute..

And most importantly YUMMY!

Not too sweet, the texture is soft and just nice!

(Cont) I had a bowl of Laksa and he ordered a portion of cheesy fries at CineCafe.

Lastly, we watched "Contagion" at 07.30pm at Shaw-Lido-Imax!

The movie honestly is not too bad, but a lil bit boring.

Lack of climax and excitement.

I feels like I was watching a Documentary show instead of watching a movie lol

Wasting my time and my $40 duh!

That's it for my weekend.

How did you spent yours?


  1. Hi Irene, just saw this! thanks for the lovely words about my cupcakes, glad you enjyoed them!

  2. Hi babe, yes they were really nice. have a great day!


Thanks for your lovely comment!