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21 September 2011

Beauty Haul: Skin Care and Make Up Product - September 2011

Wohooo!!! I bought and received some skin care and make up product recently.

The first item is this mask from Leaders Clinic!

I bought it from

They were having promotion and I spent $19 for one box of 10! =D

These are for mum and sis as I have a lot of mask with me now lol

Next is these love from L'Oreal Paris Singapore!

Instant Double Concealer

Micro-Vibration 3in1 Eye Brightener

Garnier BB Eye Roll On that I bought myself from Watson.

I thought it is interesting and I really love to try eye product. =P

Let's move on to make up product!

I don't know what's wrong with myself!!! Hahahaha...

I used to resist eyeshadow and recently I am addicted to it!! lol

This is one of the eye colour product I got.

Maybelline GN-1 Hyper Diamonds eye colour!

I bought my favorite silky girl eye liner in black brown and also

a Funky Eye Lighter in Olive Green wohooo!

Again, another eye colour product!

I finally got my wish-list product! Pop-Beauty Smokey Eyes Pallete!

It is selling at $49 in Sephora! I got it at a very very low price wohoo!

Nice pouch!

These are the colours~

A complimentary product from them.

A Pop Beauty - Smoky Eye Magnet Primer

That's it for this week!

I have yet to try the products mentioned above..
Once I have tried it, I will definitely review it on my blog!

Watch this video below, and see how big my face is! Hahahaha...
My double chin too duh! fml =P

Ps: My voice is too soft lol I'll speak louder next time ckck

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  1. hello buddy,
    don't worry .
    the online department store for skin creams
    there are alots of products to rid skin problems and other dieseases on your face that product are
    it really helpful for you.

  2. Hi Irene, I've a question :) do you know where can I get glitter mascara in sg? black color one..

  3. Hi,I got one glitter mascara from TheBodyShop Christmas edition last year.

  4. I Love your Sephora Pop-Beauty Smokey Eyes Pallete, do u mind to tell me where I can get it?

  5. Hi you can get that from Sephora =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!