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25 September 2011


Yay! It's weekend!
I have been staying at home since last Friday.
Life is so boring without you. Please come back asap, Baby! =)

Anyway! I am pretty excited because,
I am going to review some accessories for you guys today!

I received an email from last week.
After that, I went to visit the website.
I was really excited because, all of the apparels are CHEAP!!
They are adorable, lovely and most importantly affordable!
I decided to choose some accessories from them and guess what?
Within less than 2 days, I received all of the items I ordered!
I thought I need to wait for couple of weeks but surprisingly NO!
Another thing is that, all of the items are wrap nicely to prevent damage!
That's a plus point!

The owner is very effective too.
She replied my email in the middle of the night haha.
What's important here is that, the quality of all of the items are good!
Easy to order too!! well-organized website.
What makes me confused was, there are too many choices!
I took almost an hour to choose the items that I want lol.
visit their website and check it out!

Here's a video that I did yesterday,
please come and see my humongous face haha!

Here's the first item;

Fabulous Gemstones Party CHOKER « necklaces »
$ 16.90 SGD
This is a FABULOUS necklace,
perfect for that GLAM UP PARTY LOOK!
Features clusters of gemstones on a leather chain. Length is adjustable .

Here's how it looks like on me!
I am not a fans of necklace.
However, I decided to ordered this choker
to pair it with some plain shirt and tube.

Moving on,

Vintage H&M BRACELET SILVER « bracelets »


Brighten up your wrist with this

\rhinestone-beads accented chunky panel bracelet. Antique finish.

It looks much prettier than the picture!

The quality of the bracelet is solid and durable.

Suitable for boyish-girl like me.

Hahahaha I mean, I don't like those small, thin and tingling bracelet.

Those can only last a day with me! ckck.

Next item is this head band.

Vintage Baroque H&M Satin Headband « hair »

$ 9.90 SGD

Vintage Tribal Chic Look - Glam up your looks with this satin wrapped headband! Fancy enough to pair with your dresses.

Features a mix of beads, lacey and crystals, a Bohemian beauty!

It's an elegant and classic piece of jewellery to complement your looks,

perfect for every occassion.

This piece of headband can jazz up your plain look instantly.

I will wear this to attend party!

Next piece,

Forever21 Vintage Pearlescent QUEEN RING « rings »

$ 6.90 SGD

Capture everyone's attention with this ring!

High polished GOLD finish statement cocktail ring that features a

pearlescent and faceted.

It's an elegant and classic piece of jewellery to complement your looks,

Beautiful gift for a loved one or treat for yourself.

Definitely an attention seeking ring!

D not worry about the size as it's an adjustable ring.

The design is unique. There are diamond, rose and pearl on it.

Last but not least, my favorite piece of accessories!

Summer Desire Butterfly STUD « earrings »

$ 6.90 SGD

ASYMMETRICAL Summer Desire Taiwan TV Drama

STUD DANGLE EARRINGS with mesh butterfly details.

Yes, it is as what seen on da S!

So pretty omg!

I have a ring that's similar to this earing!

and can you believe it? it's only $6.90 !!!

I am thinking about getting another one and convert it to ring =P

Go and shop now!!!!

Enter the discount code "RENE" when checking out from to enjoy a 10% discount off your purchases.


  1. Hi Irene,

    May i ask where u get the butterfly stud earing? It's look very pretty :)

  2. Hi, you can get it at

    In addition, enter the discount code "RENE" when checking out from to enjoy a 10% discount off your purchases.

  3. I thought it's was selling t-shirt, thanks FYI :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!