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29 August 2011

These are my favorite blog from all over the world! - Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day 2011

I started to blog since year 2006.
Yes, it was the era when Friendster was still hot.
I created my first blog page on Friendster Blog.
Guess what? I've even created 5 friendster accounts to make friends.
Hahaha when I think back, I laughs. What the hell I was doing?
When I was a teenager, I talked to stranger a lot.
I thought to know a lot of friend was cool, I hang out a lot with friends,
I walked around the mall and thought that I was cool.
There are too much silly things that I did when I was young.

Anyway, I have changed a lot when I grow older
(PS: Even though I am older that doesn't mean I am old) =P
Some how, I lost contact with many of my friends,
I found that hanging out with friends is tiring,
I never ever answer any question from any stranger anymore,
I refuse to make new friend from the internet.

Ok. I admit. Maybe these are the signs that proved that I am aging.
Hahaha. I started to blog regularly when I moved to Singapore back in 2007.
The first reason to blog is to keep my parent updated about my life here.
Secondly, simply because, there is a lot of things to blog about!
Especially after I joined Nuffnang.

I got invited to movie preview, event coverage, gala premier and a lot more events!
Not only that, I earned money!
I cashed out hundreds of dollar I earned from my side ads banner.
And now, by joining Glitterati+, I get paid for watching movie preview, attending event and many more

You tell me! Where to find such a good deal?
Give you a pair of preview movie ticket for free,
Ask you to enjoy the movie,
simply write and get paid! *Wohoo!*

Slowly and slowly my blog became (somehow) popular - (okay maybe not)
Hahaha...Anyway, at least my hard work paid off!
Product review and advertorial starts to come to me.
I am even one of the finalists for Best Shopping Blog and Best Mobile Blog categories in Singapore Blog Award year 2011 !
Not only that, approached and asked me to be their ambassador!
This is really a rare opportunity.

I am really glad and enjoy to be in this industry.
I meet a lot of friends and most importantly networking!
I get to know many bosses from many companies!
which I believed these would be useful for my future job, a marketer. =P

Anyway, besides blogging, my second hobby is to stalk other people's blog.
I am serious, I read a lot of blog everyday!
I followed almost hundred of blog!
Reason is because, it is interesting to read about other people's life!
Learn about what they encountered, what they bought,
what they eat, what they wear, where they go and what they do!
I took it as I am reading a magazine or newspaper.
Believe it or not, news from blogger is very up to date and really fast!

Anyway, these are some of my favorite blogger from all over the worlds;

From Head To Toe

She is amazing. I have been following her blog since last year.
She is one of the popular make up gurus on Youtube
and the way she blog and talk makes me feel that she's friendly person!
Jen is a Korean-American. Maybe that is the reason that makes her blog interesting.
She has a good complexion. Besides, She always share good and honest review on products.
I love watching her celebrity inspired videos too.
Do check her out! =)

So She Says

I believed some of you knew her.
Yes, she is one of the owners of the local online store LoveBonito.
Her blog talks a lot about her daily personal life and family.
Not only that, recently she talks about her daily skin care and make up product too!
In addition, she travels a lot as well.
She went to Paris, Korea and a lot of places. She's a shopping queen too!
That's the reason why I followed her.


Bryan Boy is one of the most famous and influential fashion blogger.
He's a Filipino blogger that started blogging at age 17 from his parents' home in Manila.
His blog attracted me as his fashion sense is really exotic and unique.
On top of that, he got the chance to visit the backstage of many runaways show regularly.
You get to see what's happening behind the backstage on his blog.
Not only that, he often travels to attend fashion shows that are held by well-known brand such as LV, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and a lot more.


I started to follow her blog since a month ago. I knew her through my blog.
She left a comment on my blog before.
Later I found out that, she is a blogger too.
Her name is Silvia Siantar and I believed she's an Indonesian too.
She often update her blog and her fashion sense is very inspiring.
The things that she shared on her blog are very interesting too.
Most importantly, she is pretty and gorgeous. *envy*

Andy Lee

Talking about local make up guru, Andy Lee is the one to follow!
He is a famous make up artist from Singapore.
He has a 20 years of experience in the make up industry.
He is also a consultant/advisor for many international beauty companies.
Most importantly, he blogs about recommended and latest make up products on his blog.
Some times, you get to read about how he does the make up on celebrities such as Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Jacelyn Tay and many more.

Hot Chocolate and Mint

Diana rikasari is a famous fashion blogger from Indonesia,
She is the owner and the model for her own brand.
She is also the owner of level up, a brand new online shoe shop.
What caught my eyes are her cheerful attitude and colourful side of her.
Drop by her blog to find out what I mean.

Do you know any other blog that's interesting to read?
Kindly share with me! =)

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