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13 August 2011

Sponsored Photography Session at Minister of Pictures by

I am so excited! =D

Today I would like to share about my experience with an awesome deal

sponsored by

Firstly, allow me to show off my nail of the week.

Hahaha. I used the left over minx nail for this nail art.

Do you still remember minx nail?

It has been really popular! I received a lot of email asking me about it.

Click here to know more about minx nail

Next, look at my ring! =D

I got that from Diva.

I love Diva! You can get fashionable and affordable ring from there!

Now, a picture of me. Huahuaa..

I couldn't stop capturing myself that day.

It was a great hair day and good skin day =P

Ps: I just dyed my hair too! (refer to my previous blog post)

So I was sponsored with a voucher by

It was this deal:

50% Off Professional Photography Session

(with Loved Ones, Couples, Friends, Colleagues or By Yourself)

Up to 4 pax

@ Minister of Pictures! Only $39 instead of $78

The process was really easy peasy!

Just go to the, buy, print out, make reservation and have fun!

Photography Session by Minister of Pictures located at Novena Square II.

Let me share about my experience;

The reservation process was fuss-free.

What I did was just to call and tell them the date and time that I preferred

and done!

I would advise you to make appointment as soon as possible though

to avoid disappointment.

Hair and Make Up were not included in the package.

It costs approximately $60 for it.

I personally think that the price is reasonable.

As if you do it in any saloon out there, it would cost you approx that amount too.

However, if you think, you can do it yourself,

then save the money for other things*

*nah! you really need to prepare some money because,

The results were satisfying and tempting!

I ended up paying another $50 for additional picture =D

The deal entitled me to choose 4 picture among 20-30 pictures taken.

Select the best 4 poses and they will give you

4X 5R Print

2X S8R Reprint

4X Miniwallet size

Total of 10 Printing! and that's only $39!

What a good deal! It means 1 picture cost $3.90 only!

Original price is $78!

However, additional digital copy costs $10, which I think it's a little bit pricey.

We ended up buying 5 additional photos.

You can actually give it a miss if you want to.

But I couldn't because..

It was a RARE occasion, usually he'd refuse to take picture with me.

He said he don't like to take photo *gah!

The photographer, Elias is a funny and professional guy!

It was a fun and enjoyable session for us =)

These are some of the pictures that I have at the moment.

That's consider fast!

We took the photo last Thursday and

we received our digital copy on Sunday via email!

That's only 4 days of waiting!

Hahaha his smile is cute lol

I looks like I am pregnant but I am not, thanks!

I like this picture!

This is my favorite =D

Guess what? My photos are ready for collection *wohoo*

I can't wait to see other photos =)

Do check website for more deals

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  1. you did your own hair? really nice looking!!!

  2. Yeaps I did it myself hehe..luckily it was not bad =P


Thanks for your lovely comment!