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01 August 2011

Singapore Blog Award Ceremony 2011 + Giveaway!

Singapore Blog Award 2011!

Sincerely apologize for the late blog post!

Last week I attended the Singapore Blog Award Ceremony 2011.

The event is bigger and better compared to last year.

The event was held in "Shanghai Dolly".

Shanghai Dolly is the hottest mando-pop live music venue and

the only cabaret-style club in town.

The 2-storey outlet features a 400 capacity theatre-style main hall,

a Lobby Bar with a pool table, a cosy Piano Bar on the 2nd level,

and a restaurant (Dolly Kitchen) serving up local

and international favourites until 4am nightly.

Source: ChillOutSingapore

The theme was "History Gets Social" and

I dressed up as Audrey Hepburn.

Click here for my Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look Tutorial Post.

Do you know who is this below?

Yes that hot guy *Steven Lim* Haha!

He was interviewed by the crew and without hesitate,

he started to show his awesome move lol

Here's a picture of me, trying to act vintage w/ my shade lol

It was pretty crowded.
Luckily bf and I managed to settle down..
We sat near to the bar lol

And here is a picture of me, sitting near to the vintage bar!

So Audrey Hepburn, yes? Haha..

The venue was very spacious.
Compared to last year, Shanghai Dolly is way much bigger!

Awesome food were served!

Just in time! I was craving for dim sum!


Unlimited alcoholic beverages were served too!

Celebration ceremony!

Picture credit to : Camemberu

It was a fun day! mingling with all of the blogger.

I saw many blogger dressing up according to the theme too.


Picture credit to: Leongraphy

Not only that! There was a lucky draw session too!

Unfortunately I was not lucky enough Hmph..

Tiffany & Co item was one of the prizes! *ahrg*

Now, the most interesting part!

The Best Dressed Award! Hahaha!!

Watch this video and laugh! =D

Liang popo & Alexandra McQueen were the winner!

Congrats Mint & Eric!

Last but not least the goodies bag! =D

I really enjoyed myself that day!

I am proud to be one of the finalists this year.

Not in one but in TWO categories ^o^

Thank you so much for reading and following my blog.

Thank you so much for those who supported me in SBA2011 as well.

Being a blogger,

I have been receiving a lot of product for review,

attending awesome events such as

product launch, fashion show, party and a lot more!

On top of that, I have been receiving a lot of awesome goodies bag too!

Now, it is the time to reward you, my readers =D


Hints of what's inside:

Dress, Mask, Cosmetic, bag and a lot more!

Not only for female. I did prepared goodies bag for guys too! =D

For guys, I have vouchers, movie ticket and a lot more!

On top of that, I have 3 consolation prize too!

So total there are 6 prizes! =D

This contest is open internationally.

Feedback and comment are highly needed!

I am going to reward those who give me genuine comment

Tell me "My S.W.O.T" wor! Hahaha...kidding!

Basically I need some feedback! Give me your opinion!

You need to be follower (public) to join the contest

Answer one or both of the questions below:

1. Why do you like my blog?

2. What do you want to see on my blog?

Format of your comment should be;




Contest End : 17 August 2011 (Indonesia Independence Day!)

Haha! Winners would be notified directly through email!


  1. Name: Qiqii
    1. Why do you like my blog?
    => You share a lot about everything ! about travel, beauty, and the most important one is THE DEAL ! you're a shopping queen indeed uh?! Your blog are easy to read and understand (Pictures explain everything) :). Overall, i do love your blog much ! keep it up irene ! im waiting for your next attractive post ! :D

    2. What do you want to see on my blog?
    => everything nice ! those thingy with low prices and high quality of course ! :D

  2. Name: Pika

    1. Why do you like my blog?
    => I loooovvvveee your posts. I've been following your blog since a year ago I think. I also study at SIM but never meet you there hehehe. Your posts are nice to be read and always have lotsa pictures! Your reviews are mostly honest and not exaggerating so I love them all. Keep it up, Rene!
    Ah yea, your Gucci makes the blog awesome too ;)

    2. What do you want to see on my blog?
    => More about your daily life instead of your reviews of your products. You used to post about your honest feelings and what was your activities, I like them! Mostly products I also like but if there are too many product-review-posts, it'll be kinda boring. More giveaways! More restaurants reviews! More Gucci's picts <3

  3. 1. Why do you like my blog?
    Many new stuff and giveaways
    2. What do you want to see on my blog?
    More interesting finds

    Format of your comment should be;

    Name:Koh Jun Jie Jason

    Answer:as above =P

  4. Mellisa
    1. Because you are pretty and always have a lot of new product to share! Most importantly product that is not even launch yet!
    2. Show us your room please.

  5. Name : Linda Lee
    Email :
    Answer :

    1. I love to read your blog because of the humor content and also the cute Gucci.

    2. I love to read your shopping post! shop and share more in the future <3

  6. Name: Jack
    Email :

    I like your blog because it is updated daily. I wonder how you manage to do that. Keep it up Irene!

  7. Name: Catherine
    Answer: qns 1) it's highly informative and you shared even your personal stuff which makes your blog genuine and sincere.

    qns 2)i like the videos you started! on makeup and hair! keep it up babe!


  8. Name: Dwi Narita

    1. i can update what is up-to-date now in sg or indo through your blog. love the product review that u have done and your activities and holiday post. but the bad thing for me is sometimes i just cant find the product u have reviewed in sydney, even online :( i love the pink brown eyeliner and mascara post. wannna give it a try, but i just cant find it anywhere here. anw, just love the way your blog is. one word, interesting!
    2. cant wait to see your anna sui inspired room :D and more interesting post!

  9. 1.Cyntia
    3. Your relationship blog post is very true. I can relate my situation with yours. Do share more on that.
    4. I would love to see your wardrobe! you must have a lot of fashion item.

  10. Name: Adeline

    1. Why do you like my blog?

    - I love to read your blog because it is entertaining and informative. Those personal thoughts and stuff that you shared though your writings have showcased your own personality and character and this makes reading them an lovely enjoyment.

    2. What do you want to see on my blog?

    - I will love to see more photos of the lovely Gucci as he is sooo adorable! I will also like to read more perspective articles and beauty posts!

  11. Mindy

    1. You pictures are clear and very sharp. You are funny and cute. You have a lot of things to share

    2. More Gucci please and also more shopping post.

  12. Name : Sarah Lee
    Email :

    1. I like your nail art post! You are talented. Show more nail art you did in the future..

  13. Name : Margaret
    Email :

    I would like to see your shoes collection and also your review on gmarket purchase.

  14. Name: Jamie K

    I would love to see more of Gucci photos and maybe share tips on grooming Gucci. Also, I would love to see more nail related posts!

    I like your photos and also each entry is short and sweet, easy to follow!

  15. Name: vivian


    hi rene, I've noticed you since i'm secondary school if i am not wrong.of course because of your personality 0.0. however, i like how you do review products, describe with your own words and creativity. i have seen much more improvement on yourself,from very ordinary blog till now you could get in finalist in some awards, sponsored products, invite to events and etc.
    keep up the good work =)

    What do you want to see on my blog?
    beauty products review please.

  16. Name: Mirah
    Email :

    1. Because you always have loads of updated products on your blog. Some of them are even preview product! I feels like reading magazine when I patronize your blog. Keep it up!

    2. Your haul, spree and shopping review such as gmarket, blogshop and etc..

  17. Name: Cindy Kho


    1. because I find that your review is very honest, you did try the product and tell us what you like/dislike about it. You talk about your daily life too making us the readers closer to you and I like that kind of interaction.

    2. skin care review, mask review, share more about fashion tips, easy make up tips for the beginner, and more about YOU & ur LIFE! it's inspiring.

  18. Daisy
    Daisy Ang

    1. Because you are funnny! The funniest blogger that I have ever read! Especially your blog post on bra! I couldn't forget that. Gucci is cute too. Haha

    2. Tips and guide to Live in Singapore! How you got your current accommodation, how you get into poly, how to find job and many many more!

  19. Name: Anna Lim

    1. The way you do advertorial, product review and etc are very professional and true! + you always make me want to buy the product.

    2. Show us your anna sui inspired room! I can't wait to see!

  20. Peter Leong
    Email :

    I like your blog because all of your pictures are pretty.

  21. Name: Eikin



    1. Why do you like my blog?
    - I like your blog because it is very dinstictive, creative & awesome! You are unlike other majority typical bloggers that blogs about their boy/girl friend, outing with boy/girl friends or a typical day out with friends & stuffs. You know.... typical Singaporean bloggers(Ahem, no offence yea! =P) You blog about shopping, best deals from, advertorials, you share with your readers tips/ to beautify & etc(which majority bloggers I tumble upon don't, always!!) Apart from Xiaxue's(if you know her! ^^) blog, I have always been an avid reader of yours. Though I don't frequently visit your blog as I seldom use the computer, but believe me! Once I checked in into your blog, I will read your blog from where I stopped! =P I love your blog a lot, & I mean it! & Gucci is extremely cute like his Mom ^^

    Apart from all of that, you are beautiful! & I really envy the fact that you are an Indonesian but you are able to study abroad. I mean.. It's really been my chilhood dream to be able to study abroad(I'm a Singaporean ^^)

    Hmm I guess I sidetracked ><

    2. What do you want to see on my blog?
    - I love everything about your blog! You can blog about anything & everything, believe me I always read from top to bottom ^^

    Okay, back to the topic. I mean, will what I mention here be taken into consideration? If yes, hmmm.... I would love to see more of your current residential area (The parc at Clementi, is it?)! & the Anna Sui inspired room, or something? :D More of.. uhmm... Indonesians! Indonesian cultures, cuisines, dialect(Im a noob when it comes to languages each country spoke!), tourism spot & anything about your hometown! ^^

    Side note: Hi Rene! I hope I am picked as the winner(consolation is fine too xD) because I am considered quite young. Young = jobless = No money = No stuffs such as Dollywink stuffs which I always wants. I've never used a beautifying mask before(SAD!!) I HOPE I CAN WIN OF THE GOODIE BAGS :D

    P/s: I sound desperate(LOL!) but I really wanna have a "taste" of Dollywink stuffs or masks badly. I swear I've never used any of them before(penniless! :() ><

  22. Kiki

    1. your tutorial post such as ferrero rocher one1 very useful. It saves me a lot of money =D


  23. ST

    2. blog about all of your branded goods and how you wear them too

  24. name: lunar

    1. Because you share about your school, your life and also shopping haul. I like your recent youtube video.

    2. Blog more about nail art. You are talented and creative!

  25. Amanda Lim17 August, 2011

    Name: Amanda Lim

    1. Why do you like my blog?

    I am a follower of celebrity blogs and you were my very first non-celebrity blog that i follow closely with. i like your blog because you share your finding on free stuff and shopping tips. Also that you have a little maltese baby, you post cute pink stuff. Thumbs up for you for this things.

    2. What do you want to see on my blog?

    Better quality pictures. A more lively colour blogskin. Less on you going for events, more on your own daily life. We want to know about you not ,your Boyfriend, we follow your blog for you. :D Post about school and awelsome Girl friends. Like outing with girls, personal party. More beautiful pictures of you with girls.


Thanks for your lovely comment!