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21 August 2011


Again, I am going to share the reason why you should follow
As I mentioned earlier, there are loads of deal site in the market.
Most of the deal site offers reward to those who refer friend to their site.

Such as this particular deal site..
If you refer friend to their site, you stand chance to WIN credit !!

So even if you have successfully refer your friend to their site,
you need to be lucky to WIN the credit too.

Other than that, this another deal site, offers credit too.
However, there is an expiry to it!! + It's only $5 !

Look at this! I just wasted my $5x2 credit because it has expired,
I was not aware about it (not even a reminder gah!) and no extension allowed.
So annoying =(

Now...What do you do with your credit?
You can offset your purchase...!!
However, this particular deal site only allow you to use partial of your credit..
such as this..
$12 credit can be used to buy this particular deal.

Which means, you still need to settle $83 balance..

Now!!! Let me share with you about Referral Program!

If you would like to recommend Singapore's favorite daily DEAL site to your friends and earn cash each time you successfully refer a friend,
this is how it works:

1. Login or create an account at
2. Under your "Account Overview" you will find your personal referral link

3. You can copy the link and email, tweet, Facebook it or distribute it in any other way.
4. Alternatively, you can enter the emails of your friends and have an invitation message with your referral link sent out
5. Your friend clicks on your link and creates a new account
6. Your friend successfully purchases the first voucher
7. You will see $8 credited into your account

You can use these DEAL credits to offset $8 on any purchases made on!

Look at how much credit I have earned so far..

What's good about Referral program?

1. Your credits won't expire!
2. I will definitely get $8 if I refers one friend who purchase a deal.
3. I do not need to win the credit.
4. I can offset any amount of credit to buy any deal.
5. It's very convenient and fast!

Such as this!!! My Free Order! =D

What are you waiting for?
Go to DEAL.COM.SG and Earn your first refferal commission!

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