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30 August 2011 Blogger Event- Find the best credit card promotions near you.

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Last Thursday I attended the Notikum Blogger Event at Chjimes!

It was a fun evening.

I got to know some bloggers too! such as Anna, Eileen, Joanne, Mirai Elle and etc..

The event was held at Le Baroque! A finely furnished restaurant.

The restaurant is designed with 17th century theme.

They served Thai fusion cuisine.

Notikum Press Kit includes a American Express inspired thumb drive =D

What is Notikum?

Notikum is a consumer oriented service that is available both as a website

as well as iPhone and Android app

that will direct you to offers and deals that are most relevant to you,

based on your search query, current location and according to the credit cards that you hold.

With Notikum, you do not have to spend excessive effort or time trawling through

most deals and offers found onwebsites, brochures, newspapers or other medium of communication.

Notikum will do that for you and present you with relevant search results based

on the parameters that you have set.

Notikum makes your purchasing decision an informed one in an instant of a click,

you would no longer have to deal with randomness in your purchasing decision anymore.

My Review:

This is definitely a useful tool!
I love deals! - I guess it's pretty obvious =P

It's very irritating, confusing and stressful to find deals that's relevant and entitled to me.

I personally owns an OCBC Plus! Debit card and when I need to find the deal,

I will usually go to the website and try my luck to click click click till i get what I want...

Now, let's assume, I would like to know if there is any deal near to my location.

Before this, I need to go to!

Look for all merchant,

Look for food category,

And open the option one by one to see if there's any thing near to Clementi

Now, with Notikum, what I need to do is to go to,

click OCBC Clementi and I get the list of promotion that I am entitled to right away!

That's really fast and convenient isn't?

I get the list of information that I want and entitled to instantly!

Lastly, look at how generous they are!

Sumptuous spread of Thai Buffet! and everything was NICE!
I had 3-4 round of it! Hahaha...

Mango Salad! They said it was nice.

I didn't get to taste that as I was hungry!

Haha I skip appetizer and go directly to main course lol

Desserts! Puddings attack..!

I choosed Rose-shaped pudding and also F alphabet pudding!


Both are my favorite shaped Hahaha...

What are you waiting for?

Go to and start to search

or download their application to your Iphone or Android phone.


  1. Sounds like a fun way to search for offers on my cards.

  2. yeaps! it's a good site to explore!


Thanks for your lovely comment!