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06 August 2011

Mc Happy Meal - Hello Kitty Red Head Watch

I just ordered a Happy Meal from McDelivery
and I am so delighted that the free gift for girls this week is
a Red Kitty Head Watch!

For a meal (cheese burger/nugget, a side, a small drink)
that cost less than five bucks!

You get a free watch! and it's originally from Sanrio!
That's a steal! =D

These are the free gift of the month! Enjoy!


  1. Timi Tiong12 August, 2011

    Hey, I'm Timi.

    Can you tell me where to get that watch? Because I wanted to get my girlfriend that because she's a huge fan of Hello Kitty.

  2. Do you sell the red kitty head watch ?

  3. Hi timi, I think the gift period has ended I don't sell mine =)


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