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05 August 2011

Leaders Clinic - Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack and Ampoule / Essential Masks Review

Oops! I have been missing! Busy? Hm...not really...!

In fact, I have been slacking lol

Guess what? just weeks ago I did shared that my school has started, right?

and now, I am on holiday again..yes..I am having a week of break!

It's a good news though..time to restart and refresh!

After this break, stress life will begin! I have a class test next week and..

school is gonna be really busy! I've got 4 project waiting to be done,

follow by some other class tests then project submission, major exam and

I am DONE with my degree! sounds easy?

*fingers crossed*

That's fast man! We are now in month of August!!

Can you believe it? *I can't wait for December* =DDD

October - My birthday!

November - His birthday!

December - Shopping, Going back to Indonesia, Christmas, New year!

Omg! I get really exited when I think about year end!

Relax are still 4 months away!

Think about your projects and exams ahead first!

Please be reminded that this is your last semester..!

Please concentrate, be punctual and pay attention when you are in the class!

GAH! Those irritating facts really make me stress!

Can we just skip September, October, November just go straight to December...

Seriously! I don't mind skipping my birthday =P


Aside from my life, let me share my review on some goodies courtesy of

Serenity Allure Pte Ltd

I was sponsored with some Leaders Clinic Products from them last week.

It was delivered personally to my doorstep. That's so sweet of them!

Clinie range is developed by the top clinical experts in Korea.

They have one of the hottest selling clinical masks in Korea,

while their skincare line are well-liked by many Korean celebrities.

First item is this:

Leaders Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack

Nose Mask Ingredients: Sulfur and Charcoal

Effect : Containing Sulfur & Charcoal that is excellent for exfoliating,

refining pores, and controlling excess oil by sulfur clinic Suction system

Pore Serum Ingredients:

Pore tightening filler and Intense Pore Minimizing Concentrate

Effect: Tightens pore and reducing blackheads through excess sebum control

Non-greasy, soothes and keeps skin fresh

Refines pores for maximum benefits

Review: I guess you guys are familiar with pore pack.

What makes this pore pack stands out is the ingredients in it!

It's made from Sulfur that is useful in acne medication

and problem skin treatments, as it helps to kill bacteria on the skin.

and also charcoal that absorbs oil on our skin.

Aside from the awesome effect, unfortunately the pack doesn't smells good.

It smells exactly like sulfur and charcoal.

It is very light and bearable though, I personally find it acceptable.

After trying the nose pack,

I can see that it does pick up some of my black head

*picture below explained*

Another interesting point about this product is that there is a step two!

The Pore Stamping Serum! That I personally love it very much!

Usually, after using nose pack,

the pores around T-zone area is likely to be enlarged.

In this case, this serum helps to tightens skin pore and reduce blackhead.

The result of this serum is pretty visible. After applying the serum,

my nose area is getting less oily and

I can see that my pores are getting smaller.

Second product is my favorite skin care product MASK!

To be honest, I am not new to their masks!

In fact, I have ever shared about the masks last year remember?

Click here

The unique selling points of the masks are:

1. Customized care developed by dermatologist to suit various skin types.

2. Effective Aesthetic Care for skin based on dermatological treatment principles.

3. Its Ultra thin Silk Cellulose material which fits onto the face like second skin.

This enables an efficient absorption of the essential ingredients.

4. The Ampoule mask contains equivalent of one ampoule content while

the Essential mask contains highly concentrated essence.

My review:

Forget about plastic surgery, injection and etc.

Just use Leaders Clinie mask to get softer, smoother and flawless skin.

The masks are very comparable with my favorite mask, Heme.

However, in terms of the effects and results,

Clinie mask is more effective and I can see faster result after application.

You can feels that the essence really sink into your skin.

The texture of the mask is really soft and smooth.

Another important point is that,

the mask sheet is not made from normal cotton it is made from silk!

You need to try it yourself to feel it.

Again, as you all know, I have sensitive skin and

Leaders Clinie mask works well without irritating my skin.

The masks are selling at $4.95/each.

It may be a little bit pricey,

But trust me! It is definitely worth it! Lemme repeat...

The Ampoule mask contains equivalent of one ampoule content while

the Essential mask contains highly concentrated essence!

1 mask = 1 ampoule/ concentrated essence = $4.95 only!

It is cheaper than some well-known ampoule selling in the market.

Easier to apply too!

I am a person who is interested in mask for hydration, healing and lifting!

and these are some of my favorites;

1. I love to use their "Teatree Healing Solution Essential Mask"

during my period week to heal the breakouts.

Tea Tree is very effective in healing acne!

2. I would use their "Caviar Repairing Essential Mask"

after coming back from outdoor activity!

3. I love their "Platinum V-lift Essential Mask"

as my skin feel firmer and face appear smaller after application.

4. Lastly, "N.M.F Aquaringer Ampoule Mask"

that has an extreme moisturizing effect!

They have whitening mask, collagen mask and many more...!

Visit their website at for more information

Add Leaders Clinie on Facebook HERE

Psst Psst..They are lauching their 2-step Ampoule Masks very soon!

I can't wait to try!!!

All of the products mentioned above can be found in Guardian

(Coming soon in Sephora)


I am not paid for this advertorial. Products are sponsored for reviewing purpose only.

My reviews are all honest from the bottom of my heart =D

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