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19 August 2011

Kelyn Esther Organic Swiss Flora Anti-Stress Facial + Anti Aging Lifting Shoulder Massage Review! Deal sponsored by

Mood: HAPPY!

Huahuaa time to review deal sponsored by!!

And today I am happy because, it's Saturday! *wohoo*

I was sponsored with 2 voucher for this deal

"85% Off Kelyn Esther @ Bugis 90-Min Organic Swiss Flora Anti-Stress Facial + Cool Hydro Oxy Treatment + Free Signature Anti-Aging Lifting Shoulder Massage For Ladies! Only $28 instead of $189"

And I went there right after school for the facial treatment!!! =D

It is located right behind Iluma!

Actually it's very obvious and easy to find!

But I was lost yesterday because the address stated is Blk 269 only!

However, when I step out from the Iluma what was in front of my eyes was 269b

So I go all the way to the back to find 269 omg!

At the end, it was in front of my eyes only lor! Haha..

Ok maybe that's my problem. In Indonesia, there's no such block lol

So 269 and 269b is the same building..connected?

Anyway, so after I have found the shop, I was very delighted!

Look at the decoration! =D

It is a garden themed spa! and what attracted me next is the colour!!!

Everything is in purple omg!

I wish I can bring home everything. =P

I was not allowed to take photo of the interior.

This is a picture that I got from their website.

Hm...I would say 95% true hoho...

The place is not so big and in fact, a lil bit squeezy BUT...

The bed, the blanket and etc are as what shown in the picture!

Purple and lace ! =D Can you imagine how happy I was, lying on a purple coloured bed =P

Another thing that I would like to mention is privacy,

when I arrived, I was lead to a room and was asked to rest on the bed first.
Then, because it's not really a room, it's a space that's separated by cabinet?

and instead of door, they actually use curtain (and yes purple colour too).

Guess what? I can actually listen to what people is discussing at the front desk!

That's pretty annoying and I rested on the bed for 15mins listening to their discussion lol

"this one how much? give me new one la..I want this...etc etc"

However, fortunately my therapist said

"Sorry for waiting, to compensate, we will give you free eye mask at the end of the treatment"

That's a plus point! I swear I didn't complain to them. They realized that themselves. =D

The treatment took about 90mins and was very relaxing!

Luckily no one came to the shop during the treatment.

If not, I need to listen to the discussion again lol.

The deal includes shoulder massage and it was *uh ah ah*

I don't know how to describe it using English

In Singlish, they called it "Shiok!" comfortable? enjoyable?

Hahaha the strength used by my therapist was really powerful and

yup I felt "Shiok!" after the treatment.

Upgrading in process - Do not disturb! =P

Kelyn Esther's Organic Swiss Flora Anti-Stress facial:

1. Skin Analysis & Consultation
2. Makeup removal
3. Double Cleanse
4. Tone
5. Exfoliating Mask
6. Hot oxy3 treatment
7. Extraction
8. Cool hydro oxy treatment
9. Face, shoulder & head anti-aging lifting massaging
10. Treatments mask
11. Day or Night Cream
12. Home care advice

The product they used are all Eco organic which is environmental friendly and natural !

After the treatment, I can feel that my skin tone has brighten up and my face is smooth and soft!

Even though the ambiance is not really relaxing as it's an open space,

I would definitely patronize them again.

The therapist is professional and friendly! No hard selling and approachable!

Most importantly the treatment! I enjoy the treatment so much!

The product used smells relaxing and nice too, I like it!

The massages is a plus plus point!

I give the treatment, product and service a 4/5!

This is definitely a good deal! for $28 you get a facial and shoulder massage!

Lastly, this is a notes from them:

With a 90-minute Organic Swiss Flora Anti-Stress Facial including a cool Hydro Oxy Treatment and a complimentary signature Anti-Aging Lifting Shoulder Massage for ladies, you will know how wonderful it feels to be celebrating birthdays but looking the same every year!

Kelyn Esther offers 5 exciting series of beauty therapies and more than 60 products. While each product range targets to treat a specific skin problem such as acne or pigmentation, all our products have 1 common property – PREVENT OR REVERSE THE EFFECTS OF AGING.

This coupon offers you an anti-stress facial by Kelyn Esther Garden SPA using products from its ECO Organic Therapy collection. Unwind and relax at Kelyn Esther Garden SPA filled with purple lavender after a busy hectic time with this luxury facial. Your skin will feel soft, clean and lifted with tension gone from your tired facial and shoulder muscles after the refreshing facial.

To know more about them visit

To buy the deal CLICK HERE
Ps: Need to be fast! grab them before it has ended!

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