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10 August 2011

I'm 2011 Ambassador !

Yeaps! Today's topic is all about DEAL in Singapore! =D
I am pretty sure that the banner picture
on the side of my blog has caught your attention.
Yes, I am choosen as the 2011 Ambassador! *wohoo*

I am really proud to be their ambassador because of their branding.
In fact, they have the most number of fans on Facebook!

This is a data I got from Incitez.
It clearly shows that has the highest number of follower
of 78,447 on Facebook (as per 14 Apr 2011) compared to other deal site.

source: incitez

Guess what?
as per today, their follower has increased from
78,447 to whooping 131,714 !!!

Not only that, they are on the NEWS too!
(click picture to enlarge)

In addition, if you search for deal, will appear 1st because,
it is in association with! =D

They are popular for reasons!
Well...Of course, I am proud of
not only because of their number of fans on Facebook too.

What's important is that they offer deals Daily and Actively.
(Do check their site every 1am for daily new deal!) =D

On top of that, the deals that they offered
are mostly from well-known brand/ merchant!

There are loads of deal-businesses in the market
what makes stands out is obviously the service!
I will talk more about my experience on that in my next blog post!

Lastly, here's a little bit of information about
that I got from their site..

Established in 2010, has since transformed to become Singapore’s Number One online shopping platform, offering what you’d love to have at the best price

.Reaching out to thousands of our customers daily, DEAL constantly seeks better ways and bargains to satisfy savvy shoppers like you!

DEAL remains unrivalled in providing both customers and merchants with the experiences you never knew you could get in Singapore. We cherish the remarkable partnerships we have with our merchants and take pride in passing the great savings directly to our valued customers.

For more information visit

The invicible DEALGuru would love you
to check them out on
Facebook and follow @DEALGuruSG on Twitter too! =D

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