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24 August 2011

I want a HOLIDAY please!

Ps: Picture taken in the early of 2011!
And now, we are at the end of the year already!
That's ridiculously fast!

Omg! This is my last semester ! =(
Somehow I feel very stress..
(I know I have been repeating this sentence and in fact, I will repeat this sentence very often in the future)

Note for myself:
25th Aug : Go to Spa Esprit, SPH magazine to collect something, Novena Square II to collect photo then IPL session, Attend Konsortium Event at 5.30pm!
26th Aug : Meeting for Global Marketing project ( I'd be writing on Promotion part) (time TBA)
26th Aug : Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant for lunch maybe at 4.30pm
Ps: if possible I might want to watch Final Destination 5!
27th Aug : I will do the work on USA case study for its sustainable competitive advantage
and also Sales Strategy case 6 ! Target finish both on the day!
28-30th August : Revise Business Finance (chapter 1-4)
31st Aug : Business Finance Test - Sis and her Fiance are coming!

Be reminded - SS test is on next next week!

Guess what? I have been going to school diligently and *almost* punctually.
At least earlier than before..I used to be late for at least 30mins- 1 hour..
But now, I will arrive School not later than 15mins than the scheduled time =P
Yesterday I saw some of my RMIT seniors at the RMIT graduation ceremony.
I was telling Adeline "How I wish we can graduate asap.."
She said "Yah..nevermind, next year is our turn.."
=D *finger crossed*
In fact I will finish my study by this September!
That's fast isn't?
But because RMIT only held one graduation ceremony in a year,
we need to wait till next year August!
IF *again finger crossed* I manage to pass all of my subjects =D

Thanks God, as per today, I don't have any failure record in my study and life!
*proud* and hopefully for this time too!

Anyway, to be honest, I have been distracted by the fact that,
year end is nearing! omg!
I really can't wait for my next holiday!
Hm...I am hesitating...Should we go to Bali or Bangkok?
I am eyeing on this Bangkok deal on btw..

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