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23 August 2011

Hong Kong : Fa Yuan Street, La Scala Breakfast Buffet and Hong Kong Airport

Ups...I forgot to blog about my extreme last night and day in Hong Kong!!!
hohoho...On the last night, he went to watch "Sex and Zen" alone!!
(At that time, the movie has not launch in Singapore)
Muahaha..I didn't watch that with him! Aiyo! So embarrassing! =P
Instead of movie, I went to shop around Fa Yuan Street near to our hotel!
It is very near! Just like myb 5mins of walk..

There are loads of stalls and stores...
Food, Koi, Sasa and many many more!!
It was a paradise for me...

However, I didn't manage to get any fashion item *sigh..*
The fashion sense in Hong Kong is very similar to Singapore and,
Fa Yuan street just like Bugis Street!

I managed to get these mirror though!
It was not more than $10 only!!!
The size is medium! =D
I need those for my Anna Sui Inspired room
(which the renovation takes forever)

I asked him "How was the movie? any pretty lady in the theater?"
He replied "The movie was boring and a lot of aunties inside!"
MUAHAHAHA Luckily I didn't watch that with him.

Finally our last day in Hong Kong!
Decided to just have our breakfast in the Hotel restaurant, La Scala =D
It costs about $20-30 per pax

The buffet was sumptuous though...
I had 3 round of breakfast that day!! Hahahaaha yummy! I like it!

Royal Plaza Hotel was so kind! They actually arranged late check out for us!
By right, we should check out by 12pm, they extended it to 4pm
We left at about 02.30 though as our flight was around 4 =D Just nice!

Last picture taken in Hong Kong! =D
Check our process was fast and easy!
Thanks to Royal Plaza Hotel for the room upgrade and late check out!
4/5 for your Hotel!

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We took cab to Airport! =D
It takes about 20mins huh..That's far isn't?

We bought Popeyes and proceed to check in counter...

He spent all his money on magazine and I spent mine on instant noodle =P

Now..Where is our next holiday destination? =D

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