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03 August 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Lido Imax. Best Fries Forever. Reebonz. Prada

Very outdated lol

We watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part II

at Lido Imax =D 4 tickets for $88! what a nice number =_="

Bro is a HUGE fans of Harry Potter,

he has watched the movie for 3 times as per today.

This is the collectible combo he bought from Golden Village.

I bought some Best Fries Forever home!

I like the "Wow wow west " (beef chilli flavored) sauce!

Met my BFF =D Indo-sui!

It was extremely tedious to arrange a meet-up session hahaha..

It took us half a year to step out from the house and meet-up! lol

Let's arrange for another session!

How about to Indonesia Embassy to celebrate

Indonesian Independence Day! =D

Surprise from

Can you guess what is it?

I mentioned about it before remember?

Prada Satin Raso Jewelry Holder

Look at some of my make up products!!

Most of them are sponsored! =D

Organizing goodie bag!


This is one of the goodies bag that I have prepared!

Yes there's a dolly wink eye lash case in it!

Have you join the giveaway?

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