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01 August 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Gucci 2011 !! baby is 3yrs old now!
Dog 1yr = Human 7yrs
So Gucci 3yrs = 21yrs old baby!!!
Happy 21st Bday Gucci Sayang! Hahahahaha!
His birthday is today! 30th of July 2011! =D
The 1st day I met him was at Pasir Ris.
We got him from a random pet shop that's specialize in Maltese.

He was expensive lol! A female dog was even more expensive!
That's why we choosed Gucci HAHAHAHA...
BF bought Gucci and said "This is your birthday gift"
EXCUSE !! Hahaha I was scared of dog before I owned Gucci!
He likes dog extremely much that's why without much consideration,
He paid approx $1.5 to buy this little naughty dog! *gah!*

He's a pure maltese, his mum is a champion,

he is not local as in imported from Taiwan and he's small!

That's why he's expensive.

Life with Gucci is honestly


Hahaha he barks when we eat, he barks at mum and dad,

he barks at McDelivery man, he pee and poo everywhere,

he mess up everything and he bites!

On top of that, to own a dog in Singapore is financially *Heavy*

We have to spend money and settle him down for a pet boarding

when we need to go back to Indonesia and the fee is not cheap!

Approx $50/day (with aircon + garden walk and etc)

Yes got package one you know! hahaha..

If he get sick! be prepared to spend about $100 for the medical fee.

Oh ya! He need to be vaccinates when he was small!

that also cost us about $200 for 3times of vaccination.

He needs to get license too! about $100-$200 !

And it needs to be renewed every year!

Do not forget about his snacks and food!

We spent about $100 for his food every month.

Lastly his maintenance!

Maltese get tear stain easily! Look at this photo below!

See how dirty his face was! lol

And look at his picture today! *silky white*

Hahaha...It is all because of BF!

He "Clean, combs, clear" Gucci regularly.

In addition of the routines, good products are needed too!

Here's what he used on Gucci!

Those are not cheap too!

It costs us about $150 for all!

Of course, on top of those stress,

there are loads of sweet moment too!!!

His cutest hobby is to SLEEP on our BODY Hahaha..

How cute right!

Yes! He finds that position comfortable WTH! Hahaha!

Gucci is cool! even when he's asleep!

He always sleep with me

He kisses me before sleep

He likes to sit in my lap and on my chest (wth HAHA)

He always wait for me outside the bathroom

He wakes me up in the morning

He peed at my bf guitar hero sets HAHA good boy..

He will look for me panic-ly when we play hide and seek

He is afraid of losing me

He loves me, he adores me.

He always bark sadly when I leave the house

*sorry baby but I need to go to school*

He always wait for me to come back from school

He always act guilty when I am angry

He always lick me when I am angry

He know how to kiss me when I am angry

He is very very cute especially when he shows his innocent face

He bark at person who hit me (and that person is bf) =P

He understand sit, hand, down, up!

He also know how to stay, yes and no.

He loves Jalan Jalan!

He always sleep under the table while I'm surfing the net.

He always follow me to the check my mail box at #B1

He's the only one that stays with me when I am alone,

while my bf is out for party with his friends *sigh

He's the one that stays with me when I am sick.

He's cute when he secretly look outside the window

He's very very cute when he sleep

He snores when he sleep

He can dance when his snack is with me.

There are many many many other reasons...

that makes Mummy loves Gucci baby..


I always ask him..

"Gucci..Do you love mummy? Kiss mummy if you love me"

I swear he understand! and he licks me! Aww...That's too sweet!

This is not chocolate cake btw..

This is made from carrot! So don't worry!

I got that from Pet Lovers Vivo City! It costs me less than $7!

Gucci act sweet! Hahahaha...

I can tell, he is smiling =p

Happy Birthday Gucci!!! =D

I smashed the cake for easy consumption!

Thank you for reading!

If you like Gucci,

Say Happy Birthday to Gucci through comment box! =D


  1. Happy Birthday Gucci!!
    Love today's blog sooo muchhh...the best reading of all!! Looking forward to read more about Gucci ^____^ btw, can you recommend me what do you use to clear Gucci's tear stain? because I've maltese too. Thankssss

  2. I almost cried when I read the bottom half of your post :)

    happy birthday GUCCI :)

  3. Hi Quinn and Cindy!
    Gucci replied "Thank you! Do you have snack?" Hahaha...

    To Quinn:
    To be honest, we have not been using product on him since we moved to a bigger place with fresh air. We often bring him out for a walk and often shaves his fur to botak. Reason is to make him feel less warm (Indo and Sgp summer are really hot). You might want to consider that especially the area near to his face, shave it clean. If you want to use product, I can recommend you "eye envy" one set including solution, powder and cotton bud (abt $60) and Tear Stain supplement (for your dog to drink) by Naturvet (abt$40). However, it takes time to see the result. If you ask me, I'll say "Shave" first. If the tear stain still exist then try product. Then shave again..Gucci has shaved 3 times and now, his tear stain is almost gone. I hope it helps.

    Ps: Gucci say hi! to your maltese =P

  4. Yeah...I always do the same thing as well which is shave the tear stain part around her undereye..her mouth is not really affected by tear stain..the only problem is on eye. I might try your suggestion using the whole set of "eye envy" and the Naturvet...I'll google it hahaha...Thank you so much for your help...

    Say hi! to Gucci too :)

  5. Happy belated birthday Gucci ! (: U're so cute ..


Thanks for your lovely comment!