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26 August 2011

H&M - Singapore Items and Prices Sneak Preview!!

OMG Everyone is talking about H&M !!!
It is opening soon this 3rd of September! =D
Which is next week!!
It is located at Orchard Building (Near to Cineleisure)

It's finally here! wohoo!!
Honestly, Before this, I am not familiar with the brand.
I learnt about H&M through other blogger, Nu Ren Wo Jui Da and friends..
Here are some pictures and prices of the apparel that I was exposed too.

I captured all these just for you my readers.
Touch? Haha..Enjoy! =)

It's consider affordable for coat to be priced at $59.90

I don't think I'd get any coat though haha Hellow!? it's Singapore here! lol

Unless, I need it. In the event like I am going to Japan,Paris, UK, etc *dreaming* haha..

Super Sqin $49.90

Mum would love these blouse! *This is so my-mummy-style*

H&M Blazer at $59.90

Sweater at $39.90

Later on I found out that, Monoxious get the chance to visit the showroom!

All of the pictures below are credited to Monoxious.

Nice orange colour accesories!

=D I can't wait for 3rd September!

Envelop clutch!

Exotic Accessories

For Man

I want that Orange Dress For Sure!

I've checked the price..It's $69.90! A lil bit expensive for me but I want!

I realized that their Fall 2011 Collection are mostly in orange colour.

These pictures below credit to FashionOnYourFeet

The colour reminds me of Hermes =P

and it leads to luxurious perception lol

The mummy-styleblouse! Now, what do I expect after seeing all these?

Damn it! I am going to be bankrupt this 3rd September

mummy will call me after seeing this post and

sis & mum are likely to travel all the way from Indonesia very soon! HAHAHA

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