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02 August 2011

Charlie Brown Café - 313 at Somerset

Charlie Brown Café is located at 313@Somerset shopping mall.
This is the first Peanuts Comic Strip themed café in
South East Asia!!!

Other than food, snacks and beverages,
they sell various type of Charlie Brown merchandises too!

They have ornament, pillow, t-shirt, mugs and many more!

To be honest, I know nothing about Charlie Brown haha!

I only know the character "Snoopy" lol

Now, move on to the fun part!

Look at the dessert!!

Aw...those Snoopy Lava Cakes are lovely!

They offer cakes too!

We ordered a latte and look at what's on top of it!

A woodstock logo!

Comics were offered too!!

Here's what you can see above your head lol

Him and his bro (not the point)

The point is the interesting snoopy wallpaper =P

My Charlie Brown Mug =P

Main Course: We ordered lasagna!

It was quite expensive.

Each of the main cost about $10

Here's their best selling dessert - The interesting crepes!

It looks good. However, it doesn't taste as good as expected.

I rated it 6/10 only.

Everything looks good, ambiance is good, service is good.

But price and food are not good =P

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