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16 August 2011

Audrey Hepburn went to Taiwan- Xi Men Ding at Vivo City and met Donnie Yen with the person who wants to burn her make up!

Okay! Basically, I went to Vivo city for dinner after from Singapore blog award
with my Audrey Hepburn Inspired look lol click here to know more
(-) minus my black long gloves though hohoho..

We decided to patronize this restaurant located at 1st floor.
It's called the Xi Men Ding. They serve Taiwan Cusine!
And In fact, Xi men ding is actually a popular and famous shopping district in Taiwan!
If you often watch Taiwan entertainment show, you should know this!

This is my fat baby boy =P

Look at those lovely food on our table!

We ordered Taiwan famous salted crispy chicken, ma po tofu and lastly kangkong (Taiwain style)

After from the dinner, we went to walk around Vivo City.

Decided to take more photo as I put effort on my look! =P

To be honest, I was feeling like a stewardess HAHAHA

feel free to laugh =D

But seriously! with my hair bun, up with my branded bag, high heels. black dress.

I don't know why, I just felt like a stewardess lol

Good weather!

A picture with the person who wants to burn my make up.

PS: These were what happened on Twitter;


After dinner, we decided to watch a movie, Wu Xia!

I like the movie, you should watch it!

Lastly, we went back home with the black taxi unfortunately! Haha..
Expensive! but what to say got TV and got free mineral water.
Okay la..initial fee $5 = more comfortable seat + 2 mineral water (worth about $3)
We only pay $2 initial fee HAHAHA..
I'm trying to convince myself that it was a good deal lol

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