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08 July 2011

Xndo - Keep eating and Lose weight

I got some healthy snacks with me today!
I got those when I went to Vivo City last week remember? =)
I walked pass by this newly open Xndo Shop!
It's located in front of Giant - level B2!

Picture is taken with "Ah Di" drama on ch8 as the background =D

I was watching the show and craving for some snacks!

Xndo have been appearing on TV recently, if you've noticed.

The products that they are advertising are all the instant food.

I did checked them out in stores. However, they are too pricey.

It costs about $6-$10 per pack.

So, instead of getting them, I grabbed some fruit snacks;

This is Apple Crisps! It tastes sweet and yummy!

However, the portion is a lil bit too little.

They claimed that there were no sugar added..

Hm..I felt healthier and less-guilty =P

No salt added, No coloring, No flavoring, No additives & Preservatives

Sounds really healthy.

However, the price is not so healthy. Hahaha..

For a packet of snacks like that, it costs about $5-9 !

It's a lil bit pricey but they taste really crispy and good.

I personally like it. So it's up to you now..!

Spend on expensive and healthier snack and save on medical fee or..

Spend on cheap or unhealthy snack

and be prepared for the upcoming medical fee =D

My preference = Let's don't eat anything! then we won't die!


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