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20 July 2011

Shills Beauty DIY with Judy Lin - Special event coverage, Blogger's Interview Session!

Wohooo!! Let's continue =)

Remember that I was invited to attend the D.I.Y Session?

Part I - Jurong Point

Part II - Slimming Product

Guess what's next?

I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to interview Judy Lin!!

And it was only 5 of us!! Wohooo!!

It was really my pleasure and

I felt honored to be one of the beauty bloggers

to get up close with Judy Lin..(Like 1 meter away only!)

Here's some products on the table.

I was mad excited!

I used to watch "nu ren wo jui da" very often.

Judy Lin is one of the Beauty Gurus that I admired.

Can you believe that I actually get to see her in real life?

Can you believe that I actually get the chance to ask her questions?

Can you believe that she replied my questions?


Here's a photo of me, posing with the banner lol

She's finally here after about 10mins of waiting!

I stunned for 10secs just to look at her..

Her complexion, her hair, her skin, up and down

Hahaha sounds pervert lol..

She said

"You want to take photo? Ok, maybe I should stand up"

That's sweet and kind! =D

She's friendly and nice..

and so, the interview starts..

Michelle was asking some questions about her complexion and etc..

You might not believe it but...

Judy said, "I can give you a better make up!"

then she started to choose products instantly..

And Michelle got an extreme make over from her! *envy*


While she was working on Michelle's make up,

we continued with the interview..

Here's two of the questions that I asked..

(I am very bad in pin yin so feel free to laugh)

1. You are a successful business woman and a famous hair stylist.
Did you attend any special class or is that self-taught?
Ni shi yi chen gong de chi ye jia he cao xin shi. Ni zhi chien you shang guo shi me cuan ye de khe chen ma?hai shi dou shi zhi zi shue lai de?

2. Can you share about your journey?
Did you always wanted to be a fashion stylist?
or did you stumble upon your talent by chance?
Khi yi gen wo men fen xiang yi sia ma? Ni shi cong hen nien ching de shi hou jiu xiang juo yi ge cao xing shi ma? hai shi, man man cai fa cue dao ni you zhi cao hua?

Want to know her answer? view this video! =D

Lastly, these are the goodies bags that I received!!

It was fully packed with awesome product!! =D

I will definitely review them..

Stay tune! and meanwhile visit Beauty Bistro's;


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