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03 July 2011

Shills Beauty DIY with Judy Lin Part II - Slimming Product Demonstration

Hi Readers! =D
Remember about what happened last week?
Ms Judy Lin was in Singapore! =D
Check out my earlier post CLICK HERE

I went to both Jurong Point and Tampines One to catch her.
The session on 25th June was specially dedicated for bloggers =)
Thanks to Beauty Bistro & Louisa for the invite.

Aw all of the bloggers with their cameras =P

I am a secret fans of Judy Lin.

She always looks so gorgeous and pretty with any hair style.

I always admire and envy her when I watched Nu Run Wo Jui Da show.

Anyway, let's start from Slimming products.

She was there to demonstrate the effectiveness of

The Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT (New)

Basically it's the second generation of Miracle-Lift series.

She promised the volunteer,Vivian that she could see the result/

lose 2cm in about 10-15mins with the miracle-lift cream!

How blissful! Judy Lin fly all the way from Taiwan

to massage Vivian and make her arm slimmer! =D

After applying and massaging the slimming cream

on vivian's arm for 5mins,

she wrapped her arm with wrap film.

The purpose of wrapping is to fasten the process of sweating

(imagine sauna)

Vivian sat aside while waiting for the cream to work.

Meanwhile, let me share with you more about the Shills Miracle-Lift.

The newly improved SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT

is now with triple function coloured micro capsules with

157% more caffeine, soy isoflavones to slow down skin aging

& improve skin elasticity, and Vitamin C for deep skin whitening.

Ingredients like L-Carnitine, Peruvian Uncaria Tomentos

& red algae extract break down stubborn cellulite,

increase cell metabolism and tighten skin for

healthy, firm & supple skin!

In short, this is not your usual slimming cream!


people used chilli or similar ingredients to produce slimming cream.

But, Shills Miracle-Lift is made from natural and skin-friendly ingredient

such as caffeine, red algae extract and etc.

Now, guess what? Vivian's arm really lost 2cm !

It was amazing!

I would really love to try the cream!

The Miracle-Lift is selling at $88.80

You can get it from Beauty Bistro!

Sometimes they do offer promotion on their website.

Lastly, notice that there's a guy standing on the side?

He was was trying the ANOSA Fit Patch!

ANOSA Fit Patch (new 105% formula)

Sauna Effect + New Texture—Flattens and tightens abdomen area.

It's formulated with pure Evening primrose oil, Borage oil, Raspberry

and Strawberry plant extracts for skin tightening and firming effects.

Comes in a translucent refreshing gel texture,

with a pleasant and fresh strawberry aroma.

Innovative triple stage formulation

Stage 1: Skin tightening—active formulation penetrates deep into skin to tighten and shape sagging skin.

Stage 2: L-Carnitine penetrates deep into skin layers to improve blood circulation and slowly break down fatty deposits.

Stage 3: Natural oils and plant extracts smooth and moisturize skin.

How to Use:
Suitable for use day and night, for no more than 8 hours per use. Apply on areas such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Each patch is only for one-time application and should not be transferred to another person after use.

Depending on individual, some may feel a slight heat sensation during use. This is normal, and you may continue to use this product.

I was sponsored with a box of Anosa Fit Patch!

This is the size of the patch..

Strawberry gel at the back.

You can roll it up..

And cut it into 5 pieces..

Like this! =D then you can use it these way..

My Review: It really smells nice! It has a light strawberry scent.
At first when you apply it, you'll feel cool.
But after a while, it gets warmer!
Wait for about 15mins, the part that you apply on will get a lil bit itchy!
It's normal as the fit patch fasten your fat burning process
therefore, you'll feel a lil bit itchy.
As for the result, you need to use it regularly to see the result
I personally like the product! Because it's very convenient.
It can be used while I sleep too! So what's more right?
So simple and relax =) It's retailing at $29.90/box of 8pcs
Get yours now HERE!


Lastly, Here's a slimming demonstration Video
that I took when I was at Jurong Point!

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