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24 July 2011

Sexy Look Duo Lifting Masks Review

Thanks to
I was sponsored with 2 boxes of masks for review..
The masks I received are the
NUMBER ONE Best Selling 3D mask in Taiwan!
They are The Sexy look Duo Lifting Masks !!!

Here's some fact about the mask;
360 degrees Ultra Lifting & Firming 3D Mask
Ear hooks to lift & firm skin from neck, cheeks, eyes and mouth areas
Premium ingredients such as Red Wine, Bird Nest,
Gold Caviar, Platinum, Gem and etc…
Endorser: Popular Taiwanese Celebrity and Singer Asiaa
Exclusively at Guardian and in June
Usual Price: $8.80, 5 pieces in a Box
Introductory Price: $7.90, 5 pieces in a Box

If you often watch 《女人我最大》 you might have seen it before!
The masks were featured in 《女人我最大》 show in May 2011!
Even Aisa,the popular Taiwan Artist
was raving on her official Twitter and she said
“Sexy Look is very good, a lot of female celebrities love using it too~"

I was allowed to choose 2 mask and I decided to get;

1. Sexy Look Super Moisturizing Duo Lifting mask (Green)
Q10 + Aloe Vera = Moisturising Mask

Penetrates deeply into fibrous tissue of skin tension and elasticity. Increases the skin moisturizing function, controls sebum and promotes skin metabolism rate. This 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fights against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth cheek and eyes areas.

2. SexyLook Intensive Firming Duo Lifting mask (Red)
Red wine polyphenols + Platinum limited mask = Back to Youth 3D Mask

Contains phenols, vitamin C, and many healthy nutrients and antioxidant to enhance the skin's elasticity and firmness with flexibility. This 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fights against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth cheek and eyes areas.

These masks come at the right time!
I need these!! School has started, I have been sleeping late and
have been eating fast food too, lack of sleep and stress!
And also, I have been diligently consuming my accutane
and my skin is terribly dry now!
Lastly I hate SUN!'s so HOT recently huh...

Before After

My review:
These mask is pretty good!
I love how it moisturizes my skin during my sleep
and also the fact that I always wakes up with
very hydrated skin! It was easily absorb!
After removing the mask,
I massage my face with the remaining essence.
When I wash my face in the morning,
I can feel that the essence is still there!
(It stays on the surface of my skin too)

Air conditioner actually dries up our skin.
It is extremely important to keep our skin hydrated when
we are in an air conditioned room.

The mask is stretchable and it fits my huge face nicely.
I can really feel the lifting effect with this mask.
Next things that I noticed is the brightening effect!
It somehow lighten my under eye area.
Thanks to the hook provided, I can blog while I mask!
I can even walk, run, do whatever I things I want!
It saves me a lot of my time!
Lastly, it has refreshing light scent that I personally like it.

Sexy Look masks are available exclusively at Guardian. Visit for more product information.

ž P/s: Please join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Sexy Look Singapore to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!

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