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18 July 2011

Pulau Ubin Trip Review - Celestial Resort, Breakfast, Pulau Ubin Seafood, Nature Gallery and etc by

Gah! Today's post is all about my day two in P.Ubin!

To read about my day one post click here

*slap-self* muahaha this is real!

A $35 deal still can have day two wor!

Breakfast was also included in the $35 deal! =D

Here's what you'll get. It was simple and healthy!

It consists of sausages, toasts, egg, bacon, cheese and beans

Free flow of drinks =)

After breakfast, I was planning to visit Chek Jawa!!

So I called the minivan auntie and she told me that..

From Celestial Resort to Chek Jawa would cost me 35 bucks O_O

That's way too expensive *huhuhu*

Another way would be to travel by bicycle about 45mins

which unfortunately I don't know how to T-T

So at the end, we gave up the Chek Jawa plan huhuhu..

That's pretty sad! Somehow...

I hate the fact that I don't know how to ride a bicycle! =(

We walked around the resort and rested after a while.

The river located at the back of the restaurant.

Beach in front of your room! Tell me what's cooler?

How about a Junior Suite with your own balcony!

After resting, at about 1pm, we decided to check out and

travel by foot to Public Jetty!

That's mad right! It took us about 20mins of walking I guess lol

It was a right choice though..

We saved $7, we exercise and we get to enjoy scenery.

On the way, I spotted this funny ads lol

We discovered some beautiful places along the way.

Half way through,

these two dogs followed us all the way to the jetty.

They really followed us wherever we go! *omg*

We stop they stop, we walk they walk.

Initially I was a lil bit scared.

I worried that they will attack me =(

Luckily they didn't *huhhh*

He said that those two dogs are his bodyguard

and their name is blackie"

He likes them and found them cute =_="

Anyway, after we've arrived,

we went to this nature gallery that's located nearby the area.

A picture of me with the wild pig =D

Hahaha he looks so gay with my guess bag lol

It's lunch time! We went to this Pulau Ubin Seafood for our meal.

The food cost way way way cheaper than

Hornbill Restaurant located inside the resort.

My mee goreng costs about $4 only if I am not wrong.

Most importantly, it was spicy and yummeh!

That's it for my Pulau Ubin trip!

Some of my friends told me that they bought the deals too.

Some even told me that they've purchased 10 vouchers! =D

You've made the right choice.

Enjoy your trip!!!

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You'll not regret =)


  1. Anonymous18 July, 2011

    Hi there. Jus wanna let u know tat i saw some really Anna Sui inspired things for th makeup table at the spore changi airport terminal 2. U might be interested in. I'm also an anna Sui fan but then I didn't get it cause my luggage was overweight. Hope u will find this piece of information useful...:)


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