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10 July 2011

Pulau Ubin Trip- Celestial Resort, Snorkeling, Fish Spa, Bumboat, Restaurant and etc by

Wohooo!!! school starts soon! duh!

It's the time to relax a bit before my last semester =D

Yes!!! I went to Pulau Ubin last Monday !

Click here to check out what I brought with me

Coincidentally, Mum came to Singapore last Monday!

She was here with papa! Duh! As usual, I was late!
Instead of me going to look for them,
they came to my house hohohoho..
Mum helped me on some a lot of housework!
Hahahaha my house was really messy duh!
Thanks mama!

From my house, we all traveled to Harbour Front together.

We had our lunch at the Soup Restaurant! =D

The one that sells awesome ginger chicken (vivo city)

After sending papa mama off,

we headed to Changi Point Ferry Terminal

*smack him!* He refused to go by MRT Haiz...

Love and Hate! Of course it's better to travel by cab!

But on the other hand, money is V.hard to earn duh!

And so! I bought a $35 deal voucher from!

Click here for my previous post

Only $35 for 2D1N Stay @ Celestial Resort at Pulau Ubin. Inclusive of Lagoon Snorkelling + Fish Spa + Welcome Drink + Breakfast

We went from Harbour Front to Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

The journey took about 40mins and the cost from HF-CFT is...

$22.40! omg! add another $7.60 = $30

and I can bring another person with me to Pulau Ubin! =_="


So upon arrival, go down the stairs and turn to the right

to queue for your Pulau Ubin Ferry!

Bumboat to Pulau ubin costs $2.50 per person

Cash payment on board *of course*

You want to pay $2.50 with visa meh? Hahaha..

Uncle don't have the swipe machine! lol

If you bring your own bicycle, there's a charges of $2 !

No fixed schedule which means you need to wait till there's 12pax!

I just knew that, we can bring pet to Pulau Ubin!!!

But we need to charter the boat lol

It wasn't bad! We waited for about 5mins only.

I still remember the plate number of our bumboat! 4040E =D


It was pretty fun traveling by bumboat.

A picture of us on board bumboat to Pulau Ubin =)

Aw Hawaii inspired - Pulau ubin, here I come!! Hahaha..

The journey took about 10mins and finally

we've reached in Pulau Ubin! Hooray!

A tourizzeee shot!

This is what you'll see when you arrived at the public jetty area!

Our destination was to Celestial Resort and it is 2.4km away!

Looking at all of the bicycles..

Looking at the attractive "$2 onward" rental fee banner..

Looking at the map nearby...



We decided to take a van!

Hahaha I don't know how to ride a bicycle and..

He don't want to give me a ride *slap him*

We hopped into a random van drove by an aunty!

She charged us $7 from Jetty Area to Celestial Resort.

It was only 2 of us! that's why it's expensive!

Imagine if you have a crowd of 10 pax =D

But I think she'll also charge more if you've more person.

Duh! I am not very clear on these.

You can ask the aunty directly if you happens to visit ubin.

Ohya! Send her my regards too! HAHAHA *Kidding* lol

Yay! It was about 7mins journey to the resort =)

And..there's some distance to the check in counter.

Be prepared to walk ya!

These are the activities you can do within the resort.

All of the rooms!

A giant crab spotted while walking to the reception.

Here we are!

Yes! You are at the right place!

This is very organized! You'll not get lost because..

as you can see there is a note saying..

"To: All Guest

Please present the voucher copy and valid ID"

Luckily I brought my passport with me.

They need valid ID for check in!

Be reminded, there is a $50 deposit needed for your room.

I wasn't surprise as it's a standard procedures for all hotels in the world!

You'll always need a deposit to secure your room everywhere you go!

While waiting, this is what's shows on the wall..

Some of the activities you can do in the resort.

A rental corner!

You can rent Mahjong and Board games too!

There were some friendly dog in the reception and this particular

dog was very obedient and He loves ptbf!

Yay! We've done with our check in!

Look at the amount of things I was given.

Room key, Deposit Slip, 10% disc for Horn bill Restaurant,

Breakfast voucher, Welcome drink voucher and..

Yellow colour wrist band for snorkeling and fish spa!

I still can't believe !! for all this..It costs only $35 !!

Our room was at blok 10! Garden View.

Here it is! - 1013 ! My favorite no!

Upon opening the door, this is what you'll see!

The room is pretty standard, as what I expected.

It was clean and the air conditioner works well.

This is what you'll be facing.

Bf said, that's the smallest TV he has ever seen.


It's indeed pretty true because as you can see,
if you compared it with my bag,
I can actually bring the TV home!
Because my bag is bigger than the TV lol
Hahaha we were kind of expecting that though..
You are at PULAU Ubin ler..
Expect LCD TV meh? hohoho..

We arrived and settled down in resort at about 03.30pm

I was planning to go to Chek Jawa!!!!

But he refused to go! T-T

*I always bring the wrong person to travel with me*

Super regret! Huh!

We went for fish spa instead..

After cleaning our feet, we dipped it in the pool!

It was very ticklish!! Hahaha Then I get used to it after 5mins and..

Addicted to it for about 35mins! Hahaha..

There were some big fishes in the pool!

At first I found them scary. But, after a while, I prefer big fish!

Because they are not as ticklish as those small fishes..

He stopped after about 20mins? Hahaha..

I refused to come out from the pool.

So he rested on the side =P

Look at this shot that I took!

Hahaha they look pretty scary! and cute =D

My feet! =)

After the fish spa, we decided to go for snorkeling!

We were actually too late!

Because, the best time should be in the afternoon!

When it's bright with sunny sun!

But I am supposed to avoid sun!

I am on medicine and my skin gets sensitive duh!

This is him! Enjoying his snorkeling experience.

We still managed to see some fishes swam passed by though!

Hahaha this photo is so unglam! Duh!

I looks so fierce! lol

We're done!! =D

Ehya! Please take note! The rental of the equipment is FREE!

However, you'll need to pay a deposit of $20 for it!

Don't worry they will return you the money after you've done snorkeling.

Next next! These were the welcome drinks!

We redeemed it during dinner. It was orange flavored drink.

We had our dinner at the horn bill restaurant.

The one located in the resort.

As you can see we only had Kangkong and Lemon Chicken for the dishes.

We were still full because we've had a heavy lunch in Vivo City

before going to Pulau Ubin remember?

The prices of the food in this Hornbill Restaurant is a little bit expensive.
For a portion of fried rice, it costs $12.

However, it's reasonable though because this is a restaurant in the resort.
Restaurants that's located inside hotel/resort are always not cheap.

What I'll suggest it to buy some food from the jetty area
before coming to the resort.
The prices are cheaper than you dine in resort's restaurant.

A very relax me! =D

I thought It would be very boring during the night!

NO! Hahaha we were addicted to the TV !!

Hahaha there were loads of TV channels and shows..

I watched CH 8 Ah Di in the room then followed by Stephen Chow movie!

It was funny.

I thought we could find wi-fi while we're in the room.

Hahaha my expectation was too high! lol

You can get your free wi-fi only at the general area such as reception

and the Hornbill restaurant only.

Stay tune for day two post yah! =D

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