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04 July 2011

Presents from China!

Here's what he got for me from China lol

He's a bad shopper!

He should buy something that's popular locally!

such as smelly tofu, Szechuan spicy fishball, etc Hahaha!

He got me an anna sui lipgloss and blusher set.

A set of Anna Sui Miniature Perfume.

He got those from the China Duty Free Shop.

I guess the prices of those should be more expensive

compared to Singapore as those are imported stuff and rare in China.

Anyway, other than those, he bought some tea for my parent too!

Luckily it's something that's more localized.

He gave me the most expensive coffee in the world

when he went to Jakarta

and now,

He got me tea from China.

If he happens to go to New Zealand,

I guess he'll bring some milk for me Hohoho..

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  1. ah!!! i have that perfume set too!!! too cute to use it!


Thanks for your lovely comment!