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26 July 2011

LoveMore Magic White Mask Series Review

Again, I received another box of mask from !
That's so sweet of them =D

This time round,
I received the NEW LoveMore Magic White Mask Series!
Here is some facts;

Love More Endorser: Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning 许玮甯 《下一站幸福》 Main Actress
Love More is one of the Best Selling Mask Brands in Singapore
Promotional Set at 8 pieces in a box at $13.90
1. Black Magic White+5cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask
2. Red Magic White +5cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask
3. Gold Magic White +5cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask

Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask contains charcoal, black deep-sea algae, black currant, black pearls, and combining with hyaluronic acid, Q10 to result in a skin-friendly emulsion which work together to focus on whitening and penetrates deeply into your skin, and absorbs the whitening benefits fully into your skin! Using a strict selection of high-quality essence in the "black magic series" which contains: diamond, charcoal, black deep-sea algae, black pearl, black currant and so on. The Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask cleans your pore, improves the blood circulation of your skin, and allows your skin to absorb the whitening essence better. When used twice a week, this Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask can protect and improve skin condition which is harmed and troubled due to external environment!

Love More’s "super whitening" secret recipe and the latest 5cm extended "Luxury Duo Lifting" 3D mask has fallen in love. This perfect couple works together perfectly to firm, lift and whiten your neck and face!

With an additional 50% of lotion based Q10, this limited edition mask gives your skin the top pampering treatment!

• Extended 5cm neck care "hive pattern mask" imported from Japan fits tightly onto your neck, and improves neckline and dull neck colour.

• With an extra of 50% Q10 to improve skin's elasticity, the moisture retention on your skin improves from 32% to 46%, turning your skin softer, smoother and full of moisture!

Love More specially formulates 3 different whitening masks, with 50% more Q10 whitening essence and luxury minerals ions and moisturises your skin from within and slowly realises your dream of being fair! + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask Extra 5cm neck care mask + extra 50% of Q10 to transform you fairer in triple ways in one action.

The Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask is recommended to ladies who

• Loves spicy & fried food

• Face certain level of stress from school/work/family

• Sleeps late

• Have enlarged pores, blackheads and clogged pores

And these perfectly described ME omg!

Instead of masking only the under face and chin area,

this mask reaches your neck too!

Girls you might not aware that actually,

sign of aging around neck area can be quite obvious when we gets older!

We need to start taking care of our neck area too.

In fact, before this, every time after I applied my mask,

I'll use the left over essence to massage my neck too..

Sometimes, I use it for my elbow as well..

Before and After

This mask is fully-packed with essence.

However, I did not face dripping problem from the mask.

It smells pleasant and very gentle to skin.

It works well on my sensitive skin too.

The lifting effect of the mask was not so obvious on my first application.

After second time of usage, I did feels that it lift up my chin a lil bit.

The hydrating effect was pretty obvious on my first application though.

In short, this is not only a mask for your face!

It hydrates your skin, lift up your chin and eyes area and

it also moisturizes your neck!

This is a mask that's worth buying!

Love More masks are available exclusively at selected Watsons Stores. Visit for more product information.

· P/s: Please join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Love More Singapore's Facebook page to stand a chance to win a box of their masks

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