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22 July 2011

Life. School. Tambuah Mas. Dermasonic Facial. Sumo House. Jagabee. Steam Cream Review

Let's summarize!

Yeaps as mentioned before, I am free from PT job now!

My current main focus is to STUDY!

Go to school, sit there, listen to the lecture and go home =P

Couple weeks ago, I went to Orchard for check up!

Remember the disaster? click here

After that, I met up with him for lunch before we headed to

Fiore Launch Party at Zouk!

We had our lunch at "Tambuah Mas" an Indonesian Restaurant

located at Basement level - Paragon, Orchard

We had soto, ayam goreng and rendang!

It was yummilicious! The price was affordable too =)

Next..I forced him to go for facial with me the other day!

Again!? Hahaha.. This time round,

we tried the Dermasonic facial and neck treatment

I got it from a deal website!

Original price was $289 and I only need to pay $22 for it.

Total for 2pax = $44 minus the credit I earned, I paid $0 =D

Dermasonic Facial Luxury & Rejuvenating Neck Treatment

(75min │UP $286)

A refining face treatment combined with intense hydrating and nourishing neck treatment specially designed for optimum skin efficacy.
- Helps to remove excess sebum from skin surface and clear impurities
- Refines and tightens the pores- Stimulate epidermal cell renewal for cell regeneration
- Improves collagen synthesis and firm skin structure
- Restore radiance to dull and uneven skin tone
- Skin becomes firmer and younger looking

Dermasonic facial means NO SQUEEZING is involved!

The pores and acnes were all cleared by using machine..

They used patented ultrasonic technology to gently cleanse my face.

It was an enjoyable session for me. As for him, as usual,

he fell asleep and woke up without knowing what has happened.


This is a picture I took when I was on the way home from school!

Usually I will buy some food for housemate before I go home.

I love this particular Japanese restaurant called "Sumo House"

Their food is cheap and nice!!! (located behind Fairprice -Clementi Ave 3)

On top of that, the boss is generous! Everytime I dine in or take away..

I always get free side dish from him lol

I bought 3 bento (Katsu Don).

It costs only $2.90 each! I told you it is cheap!

Katsudon+salad+rice+fruit+miso soup!

Then I bought a yakiniku to share. It costs me $6.90

total was about $18?

and I was given this california maki (worth $5.90) for free !!

That's so nice of them =D

Other than buying some take-away food home,

usually I do shop for groceries too!

I love to shop but I hate to carry agh! Heavy! lol

I love to cook and eat but not wash =D

I decided to make a healthier dish and it was this

"Dang Gui Concentrated" paste for my soup!

It was not cheap okay about $7-8 from Eu Yan Sang =)

Click here for the previous post

I added some chicken ball and golden mushroom into it.

Tadaaa! our dinner! Fyi, I only cooked the soup..

HAHAHA I am a bad chef lol

He prepared all other dishes and I swear it tastes good!

This picture is taken today!

I skipped class I went for shopping after school. =P

My daily activity is to explore The Clementi Mall! =)

I bought a pack of Jagabee's home! (yes this is their new packaging)

Guess what? I am lucky! Hahaha...

Usually, I will visit BHG because of the ALT Beauty product corner

There is a lot of Japanese make up and skin care products!

Today I am lucky because, I spotted the "Steam Cream" corner

I swear I was not aware that..

they were giving out full-retail-sized product today!

(The last time I read about them was from Facebook and..

I only knew that they were giving out samples at BHG Bugis not clementi)

Coincidentally I was there today.

I was just curious about the product and decided to give it a try..

Suddenly they asked me to choose one!

This is the design I choosed and they gave it to me for free!!

The retail sized product costs $25.90! =D

STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare.
A longer lasting, intensive and effective moisturiser that is suitable for all skin-types and can be used on face, body & hands.

Natural and revitalising, STEAMCREAM is the ultimate multi-tasking moisture injection. Our unique STEAM process blends fresh, natural and traceable vegan
ingredients for a deeper-reaching all-in-one cream.

STEAMCREAM breaks down immediately on contact with the skin, dispersing each ingredient directly to the area it’s designed to benefit. Plant extracts including oatmeal, orange flower water, organic jojoba and lavender oils can reach where they are needed instantly.

One Moisturiser – Many Designs.
STEAMCREAM comes packaged in a Japanese designed, flushed-lid, aluminium tin.Once sold out each eye-catching and constantly changing limited edition tin becomes a collectible and usable piece of art. Handy sized tin for on-the-go lifestyles at an affordable price.

My review:

Firstly I want to clarify that my opinion is 100% honest

and I am not being paid to say this..

It smells good! but not long lasting. However,

The moisturizing effect is really good! *try it yourself*

Another thing that I like about the product is definitely

the texture of the product. It was a lil bit creamy at first

but after about 30secs I can barely feel anything.

In short, it is easily absorbed. I have a sensitive skin and..

It works well on me. Another things would be the packaging!

It so compact and convenient.

I can just put it in my bag and carry it with me!

They have various of design to choose from!

Visit them on facebook NOW!!!

They might be giving out more retail sized products?

I don't know =P

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