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15 July 2011

It is FRIDAY - time to rest and have FUN! =D

I am BACK HOME !!!
Ohay!..I have been working v.v.v hard since last week!!
Last Saturday and Sunday I worked from 08.30am to 10pm !!
Mad right! I knew it..I don't have financial problem.
It is just ME! I want to earn more and more money for shopping =P

6-8 July was for TheBodyShop
8-12 July was for Royal Caribbean Asia
13-15 July was for TheBodyShop

Royal Caribbean was having their roadshow in Raffles City
and it was very crowded!
I don't even have the time to go to washroom.
Guess what? Itinerary that's departing from Singapore
for this year and next year is almost sold out! =D

They are having attractive cabin price for next year sailing too!!
Total of 40% off !!

For more information visit

Good thing about working part time is..
You get to claim your meal expenses =D
I don't really eat much when I am outside
But this is different. I have meal allowance ler! Hahaa..

Gong Cha and German Potato

Milk Tea and Crispy Chicken

I decided to buy snacks..
instead of stuffing myself with sumptuous dinner =P
Cola flavored mentos spotted!

Royal Caribbean was giving out a bottle of candy
for those who "like" their facebook page at the roadshow..
Do like them Here! RoyalCaribbeanAsia

Next job!
I worked for TheBodyShop for their school campaign
where we traveled from Polytechnic to Polytechnic..
The first destination was Ngee Ann Polytechnic remember?

And then move on..
the next roadshow was held in Republic poly
which is mad far from Woodland MRT

and now..
Nanyang Polytechnic..

Which was mad crowded on the first day! Hahaha..

They were celebrating their 20th Anniversary last Monday
13th July 2011

They celebrated The Friendship Day on the day too!

This is the booth.
I was one of the beauty consultants =D
If you happened to see us in other campus,
do look for us for consultation =)
Don't worry, we're not selling anything.

We love LOK LOK from NYP Canteen! =D
It consists of sausages, fishball, tofu, mushroom ball, quail egg
and a lot more!
Dipped in Ma La (spicy) soup! ough! That's really yummeh!

I was quite distracted by the event that's happening
exactly in front of our booth
The celebration was very loud and fun!!
There were loads of mascots walking around too!!

Tom and Jerry, Rilakulama, Doraemon, Donald duck and...

Hello Kitty !!! =D

We were given with some goodies too!
Duh so nice of them!
Coca Cola, Razor, TheBodyShop and etc
were the sponsors of the event.

I am so into Hospitality!
I enjoyed interacting with people,
chatting, sharing thought and etc.
The fun part is that, no one knew that I am not local lol
The next fun thing that,
I get to know what is their 1st impression about me!

Most people guess that I am from Taiwan or HongKong
Some guess that I am from Malaysia
and some say China (omg)

When I said I am an Indonesian, most of their responses were..
"Wah..your mandarin so good ahr"
"Oh...Indonesian are all rich! 10 out of 11 are rich people"
"Oh..Indonesia! Is Bali good?"
(I am a bit paiseh to say that...
I've never been to Bali...Haduh! So sad!)

Other than those..
I also got some other pleasant feedback such as;
You are pretty, you are fair, you are capable and etc..
(maybe they want more discount from me. Yeah I knew that)

Some of them really liked or rather enjoyed the way I explain things..
They even asked for my full name so that..
they can send pleasant feedback to my boss and praise me =D
(A bit too late, they should do that when I was having my internship)
Hahaha but it's alright! It's still a good thing!

Some of them even bought some food and drink for me wor!
Last roadshow an auntie bought some breads for me..
Because she knew that I am busy and have not had my dinner
*so sweet* right?
Last week, a group of auntie and uncle
was very satisfied with my service that..
They insisted to treat me a drink!
Some of them gave me their name card and said
"Look for me if you need this, that bla bla bla..."

It's really fun to be in this industry!
I really enjoyed it! Even though it's a bit tiring =)
Those feedback makes my day though.
SoOo...for me, that's what called worth it!
Worth it! in this context refers to the salary too!
Hahahaha worth it! =P

Next things;
School has started!! This is my first week of school!
Aw..I couldn't concentrate! lol
I have been rushing and traveling around here and there duh!

I've promised to myself!
No more part time job at the moment.
Please go to school, concentrate and study My dear Irene!
This is your LAST semester!!!! =D

Have a great day !! =D

Listen to this song and have FUN !!!
The night is still young!

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