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11 July 2011

Hong Kong: DisneyLand and A Romantic Side of Him =D

Hahaha yea I knew it!
I have not post the ending part of my HongKong Trip lol
Sorry" I've been very busy these day hihihii
We bought DisneyLand ticket when we were at The Peak!
Click here to flash back your memory

I purposely bought my ticket there because,
I was aware about the promotion!
For any 2 tickets we bought, we would receive a DisneyLand
5th Anniversary Limited Edition umbrella! =D
Promotion ends January 2012

Ticket was HKD 350/pax = approx SGD 60
To know more about the price visit their website HERE
This is my shirt of the day! Cute right!
I bought it from Diamond Lam remember?

We cabbed to DisneyLand!
It was very far from the place we stayed, Mong Kok.
DisneyLand is at Lantau Island, located near to the Airport!
So if you plan to stay in DisneyLand, do it on the last night of your trip!
So that it saves your time to the airport on the next day.

Hallow DisneyLand!
It was my second time to DisneyLand HongKong!
My first experience was 5 years ago!
It was a trip with my family.

Everything was very familiar/ looks the same to me.

Art Animation

Basically you'll get to see the stages of animation in it.

The Main Street, U.S.A

Hahaha covering the statue lol
We were there during the summer! It was mad-HOT!

My Dream House!

Some shop houses in the main street

Wanna have some rides?

Can you spot the castle?

Our first destination- Tomorrow Land

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster was the first attraction we visited!

We battled against evil Emperor Zurg, arch villian from the Disney
Pixar animated film "Toy Story" !

Next attraction Autopia!
We get to ride on the highway of tomorrow!

It was pretty fun!

Next is the thrill-est attraction in DisneyLand!

It is the space mountain!

It was really really really exciting!
Basically it is an indoor roller coaster ride.
It is beautiful inside! Everything is dark but
you'll get to see stars, some planets and etc!
You will feels like you are really in a rocket flight!

Next destination is the FantasyLand!
We went to watch the Golden Mickeys Show!

It is a spectacular musical extravaganza honoring favorite Disney films
such as Lilo and Stitch, Tarzan, Beauty and The Beast, Mulan and
many many more.

It lights up my day =)

Move on, we went into "it's a small world"

He finds this attraction childish! Hahaha
I agreed.
We set sail into a small world
to see some dolls with cute music and etc.

After a while, we decided to take a break!
We had our lunch at the banquet hall!

5 years ago, I had my lunch in here too!
I took a picture of this statue too!

However, I had different things!
I ordered a mickey pizza =D

He had a portion of boring beef steak lol
How boring right! =P

Cute piggy bun!

Mickeys pudding!

After lunch, we went to The Many Adventurous of Winnie the Pooh!

We sat in these honey pot! =D
Pooh is cute!

I looks so stupid here duh! Haha
I hate my messy hair lol

Outside the castle!

Aww...coincidentally we met the Cinderella! =D
and luckily the queue was not long!
so we decided to take a picture with her.

Move move, we had a 4D Mickey's phillarMagic show!

A random shot of unhappy him before we proceed to Adventure Land!

We had a Jungle River Cruise Ride!
I didn't visit The Adventure Land 5 years ago.
So, this is pretty new to me!
This river attraction is pretty thrilling and fun!
You'll get many surprises and be prepared to get wet!
Because the lil elephant is naughty! =P

We visited the Rafts and Tarzan's Treehouse across the river too!

You'll get to experience how and where Tarzan lives!

Aww look at the family picture!

The Gorillas is so adorable and cute!
Look at how he smiles and hugs lil tarzan on his hand.

Ouch! That's touching!

Tarzan and Jane!

We attended the Festival of the Lion King too!

It is a colourful pegeant of music and dance inspired by
and celebrating Disney's animated classic, "The Lion King"

I didn't really enjoy the show =P
I found it quite boring hoho..
We had some ice cream after the show!

My Mickey Ice Cream!

We have finally visited the 3 main attraction
The Tomorrow Land
The Fantasy Land and
The Adventure Land

we decided to hop on the train to have an overview of the places.

The train was surprisingly crowded

We're in the fantasy land station! so pink!

After walking around,
we decided to settle down at Market House Bakery

We ordered a Mickey Tiramisu and Minnie Mango Cheese Cake!
How cute! =D

Spotted mickey popcorn at the corner cafe!

They have mickey shaped waffles too!

The only regret from the trip is that,
we missed the street parade! duh!
Actually, I have seen the parade before but he has not!
Well, I bet he would not be interested too lol

We were done pretty early.
At about 06.30pm?
The Firework show only starts at 09.00pm!

We secured a BEST spot!
Right in the middle and with seats!
Which mean, I can stand on my chair!
Hahaha as expected,
I won't be able to enjoy the firework show
without standing at a higher place lol
Yes yes..I am short =_="

The "Disney in the stars" Firework shows finally starts!

It was beautiful and romantic aw...

5 years ago, I wished that he was there with me.

5 years later, my dream comes true! =D

We watched the amazing and stunning
firework show together that night

Guess what happened next after the firework show?

During the trip I did told him that I like one of the umbrellas.

The one that looks like Anna Sui inspired.

After the firework, we went to the washroom together.
I mean he went to his, I went to mine lol
After from the washroom, he carried something on his hand
*I didn't notice*

While queuing for taxi:
Me: "Ey??? What's that? Why got extra plastic bag?"
Him: "Nah.."
Me: "(look into the plastic bag) aiyo! jijik kali (so disgusting)
Hahahaha!! he bought the umbrella for me =D =D =D

Yes yes..the one you see in the picture above =D
The colour of it is purple and black with some laces print on it.
So Anna Sui right!

It reminded me of an event 5 years ago (When I was 17yrs old)
When we sneaked out from school during lunch.
We (Our friend and us) went to a mall that's near to our school.
*See how cool! We went to mall to have our lunch during our break time*
Guess what's cooler? we went to the mall by car!
Hahaha In Indonesia,
you can have your driving license even when your 15! =P

That's not the point. The point is...
I saw an Anna Sui Ring. I told my friend I like that ring!
However, unfortunately it was too pricey so I didn't get it.
I was talking to my friend not him. I swear.
*But he did noticed it* (how sweet right)

He secretly bought the ring and gave it to me during the class!
=D Can you imagine how happy and surprise I was! =D =D

Haiz! It was 5 yrs ago and 5yrs later, he surprised me with
an Anna Sui inspired umbrella.
I guess..I need to wait for another 5yrs for another surprise =(
How sad! Hahahaa..

Anyway, HongKong Disney Land was fun!
Especially the space mountain.
For him, it was quite a boring experience as most of the attractions
are not very exciting or thrilling.
DisneyLand is more suitable for family with small children
aged around 7-15yrs old.
However, I like it though!
Hahaha I love to see all the cute things and also the princesses.

For more information on DisneyLand visit their website


  1. irene,
    if you want thrilling fun theme park, do visit ocean park, I bet it's going to be more fun than disney, and price is cheaper too :) there is much variety in it, they have 2 main park and I only able to finish one, so sad right?!

    anyway have fun :)

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    Your article is very beautiful and its pictures are also superb and cool. i very impressed it.


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