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02 July 2011

Dating with Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Vivo City

He's back in Singapore and we went out for a movie just now..
He's a huge Transformer fans!
He has been waiting for the movie since I-donno-when lol
Anyway, he booked a pair of movie ticket this morning and
we headed to Vivo city to catch the 3.25pm show!

Here's what I got today!
I brought my Hello Kitty snacks along!
And my favorite royal purple cardigan by Zara

Today's highlight is my bracelet!!! (yes, not ring)
For the first time I am so in love with bracelet!
Shimmering Rhinestone Bracelet from MyPreciousChest
It's very very shiny! (as you can see from the picture)
And it goes well with any attire or occasion!
You can pair it with your dress for party
You can wear it to the campus with your shirt and short
You can put it on when you are wearing your boring office attire.
It's very versatile! =D

Do check them out HERE

Nah! Here's what GV is offering now!
Transformer Combo! It's selling at $13.90
It includes a large sized soft drink, a large soft drink,
a Transformers Monopoly Deal Card

We didn't get that as we're not in the popcorn-mood!
I ordered a mushroom soup and Qoo drink instead.
He had a packet of RollerCoaster lol

Ticket price was $14/pax for a 3D show (excluding booking fee)
We were not late! We were just in time! Hahaha..!
We knew that movie will only start after about 15mins of ads!
So..comeon' relax and take your time because we take our time =P

So! How was the movie? Hm...I am a movie-idiot!
Hahaha I always ask him a lot of question during the movie.
"why this? what is that? is she the one? bla bla bla"
My conclusion to the movie are as the following:

The cars are all so sweet!

She is not as hot as Megan Fox but her dress is nice in here =D

Josh Duhamel looks so sexy! duh!

Hahaha okay!
I am not in the right position to review about the movie.
Because even after the movie, I still don't know what's going on! =P
If you'd ask me, I'll only tell you. Hmm..It's exciting....

Yes..that's it! =P

After the movie, we had our dinner at our all-time-favorite restaurant
Garuda! - Nasi Padang! It's located in B2! *smack him*
I told him I don't want to eat as I am *seriously* on diet!
He still ordered a lot of food! He knew that I hate to waste food
and therefore he purposely over-ordered! *bite him*

4 pcs of chicken =_="
2 pcs of perkedel
A bowl of udang petai!
It might not looks a lot but it was a lot!

Total of all, including plain rice and ice tea,
minus Garuda's member card privileges 10% off
It was about almost $50!
It's expensive compared to Indonesia! - of course!
Hahahaa $50 in Indonesia, you can have a party for 40 pax!
*I am not kidding*

Move on...He said he wants to buy some toy..
for? HIMSELF. =_="

So we visited the Toy'r'us on level 2!
There were various types of Transformers toys!

The Robots: Optimus prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, etc

Transformers' cars

Transformers' Battle Masks

Transformers' miniatures

The cards, The shirts, The weapons...
You name it they have it lol
Here's what he got home! An Ironhide figurine!

Retail price: $109.90!
Expensive duh! With that amount,
you can have "a whole-kampung nasi padang party" in Indonesia!

Lastly, KFC is offering this BoxMaster Buddy Meal.
Check them out in your nearest store! =)

Yes I was dating with Transformers not him =_="

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