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28 July 2011

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look Hair and MakeUp Tutorial Video!

Hi all!! Singapore Blog Award 2011 has finally ended.

I had SO-MUCH-FUN during the process !!

Especially my experiences with

Going to Bintan, Buying new clothes, Eating, Shopping and a lot more!

and of course also the HTC Phone that I received for review!

As a Nokia user, I am moving toward HTC now.. It's just so awesome!

The internal map, social media function and high megapixel camera!! =P

Anyway! The Singapore Blog Award Ceremony was held at Shanghai Dolly

It is located near to Clark Quay.

The theme of the event was "History gets Social!"

We were supposed to dress up as a historical character and so!

I decided to dress up as Audrey Hepburn!!!!

Here's some picture of her...

She's beautiful!

Here's what I got for my Audrey Hepburn Inspired look!

Her signature black long gloves!

A Louis Vuitton Bag that I have not been using!

Black heels from Pedro Woman

A pair of vintage earing! I got this from Bugis..

It costs me about $1.70 as I bought 3 pair for $5 ! =D

And of course a pair of fake lashes!

I got this when I was in Indonesia..

It was selling at Rp 29.000 = about $4 only! (If I am not wrong)

I love this pair of eye lash because, it has a transparent lash bone!
Just like dolly wink lashes =)

Next things are all about my make up products!!!

Thanks to Japalang for sponsoring awesome K-pallete products!

ADD Them on facebook here:

I used them for my Audrey Hepburn Inspired eye make up!

For more information on the product

and for my review watch this video! =D

Now..move on to my hair!!!

It was really easy to create Audrey Hepburn Inspired hair..

Basically what you need is just to bun up your hair!

I have a very straight hair and so, I need to create a lil bit of volume

so that my bun would not looks like xiao long bao! Hahaha..

I curled my hair and just spin them around!

That was really easy!

Thanks to Shills and Beauty Bistro for sponsoring

all of the hair products! =)

For more information again, watch this video =P

They have been generous!
Look at all of the product that I received from them!

Here's the hair product bundle that I got..
It was retailing at $49 per set if I am not wrong..
For more Information you can visit :

Shills Magical Hair Volumizer
Shills Volume Up Powder - Dust It
Shills Fluffy Fix Maximizing Hair Volume Spray

Shampoo and Hair Treatment Included if you get the bundle! =D

Lastly, this is the final look that I created !!!!

It was a successful Audrey Hepburn inspired look agree?

I bought my shirt from Gmarket and it costs me less than $10 !

My hair accessories was also from Bugis...

3 for $5 stall!!

I am extremely pleased with this look!

My lashes were really natural with elise falsie!

What do you think?

Do you like my overall Audrey Hepburn Inspired look?

A pair of sunglasses make my look even more gorgeous!

A preview picture of me taken in Singapore Blog Award 2011 !

Stay tune for Singapore Blog Award 2011 Ceremony blog post!

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