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28 June 2011

Strawberry Doll Make up with Candy Doll Products!

I knew it! I might grow older BUT..
who says I couldn't have dolly make up on me! Haha..
To doll up myself has been my hobby since..
when I was a baby I guess?
I tried on lipstick when I was 5?
I asked for mascara when I was about 12.
I secretly used my mum's make up to school when I was 13!
I officially applied make up to school when I was 15 !!

I am a girl, a woman.
I just want to look pretty and prettier.
I just want to look the best as I can.
*Yes, I love attention.
In my opinion, all of the librans love attention" =P

I can fully understand why TEENAGER loves make up!
Come on!
That's the period where you'll have massive breakouts!
I really care about my look.
Now, how care when I said I care?
I have ever skipped class/
refused to go to school because of my terrible acne and scars!
*Dad and mum were very understanding*
They knew that I was that "CARE" about my look and..
they accepted the fact =D *No choice* lol

So! There's nothing wrong for girls to put on make up!
*Absolutely normal*
Who don't want to be prettier when YOU are able to!
Who don't want to cover your weakness when YOU are able to!
Who don't want to have good skin when YOU are able to!
one answer: LAZY babes!
If you have good skin please stand aside,
I don't want to talk to you. Haha..

thank you so much to the owner of
I was sponsored with some dolly wink products
click here for my review on dolly wink product
And also, another popular make up products from Japan
Candy Doll for review!! *wohoo*

I care about my face, my cheek, my nose, my eyes but
I never care about my lips =P
For those who often read my blog should know that,
I hate to apply things on my lip.
Simply because, I don't see the point lol
I have changed my mind because I have found the POINT.

Red lip looks terrible on me.

I thought, orangee/gold lip colour suit me the better..

And now, I just found out that, maybe not.

Here's one of the products I received.

The Candy Doll - Lip Concealer.

Japanese love to have pale nude lips! *it's a trend okay*

The lip concealer was easily blend (even on my dry lips)

And now, I have found the point to use lip product.

I looks more feminine and sweet with nude lips.

*okay you can puke now*

Hahaha but seriously.

Nude colour is definitely my shade now.

I am so in love with this product.

I looks *more* Japanese than ever!

You can use this product on its own.

Just apply a clear lip gloss on top of it

and you'll look pretty like a Japanese =)

Now, if you don't want to look too pale, you can always apply

colour lipgloss on top of it.

I have this Candy doll lipgloss in Strawberry Milk with me!

Aw! Now...look at my milky lips!

For the first time, I felt that I so in love with my milky lips!

*Yeaps I have been neglecting them* lol

Candy doll lipgloss is really glossy!

It lasts long too and it creates baby lip colour which

I am really in love with *honest from the bottom of my heart*

Who says lip has to be red? =P

Next exciting item is the blush!

This is Candy Doll Cheek Colour!

This is Candy Doll Cheek Colour in Strawberry Pink!

You gotta be careful when applying it.

A small amount of it is enough.

The pink colour is very obvious. I'd describe it as HOT pink!

It lasts pretty long and it gives my cheek a natural pink colour.

I looks brighter and healthier with the shade.

Here's a video I did last week

with some Candy Doll Products in it.


I am very pleased with all of the product sent by BlingAlways

Most importantly the service!

I was really excited when I knew that there's a blog shop

that caters to MY NEED!

It's seriously difficult to get Japanese make up products in


Now, you don't need to find it anymore because BlingAlways

brings all of the awesome products to you!



  1. lol! me too! i skipped school just because my face was all bloated up! :P

  2. Ah ha, Rin.. Pas aq ngakaknya pas Arifinnya muncul and Arifin ta tau bilang apa and qmu bilang 'ga mau'.. HAHA!!!!

  3. I am so gonna buy that blusher!!!! Good buys!

  4. I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Japanese Snacks and Candy Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday……………….


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