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26 June 2011

Shaw Lido - LIDO IMAX - Orchard

Shaw Lido refurbished the entire spaces.

It's much much more spacious, brighter and modern.

We tried to watch in their LIDO IMAX theater.

The ticket is not cheap *at least not cheap for me*

$20/ticket! I can buy 3 normal ticket at GV ! lol

But the experience was amazing! The theater is not big.

Not as big as what I expected. Sound system is TOP.

The screen is ridiculously HUGE!

They have the largest screen in Asia! =D

My review: Cool experience!

It's good to watch transformer, xman, super 8 type of movie in LIDO IMAX

Because you can clearly see the effect and the sound is fabulous!

For local movie, drama, love story, comedy and etc..

maybe this is too expensive. =)

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