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22 June 2011

School, Money, Blogger life, Body, Work, Love - Anything about ME!

My Life's good, peaceful yet exciting!
It has been some time since last time
I updated about MYSELF on my blog.
My blog is so commercialized now Hm...which is good!
It shows that my blog has potential.
People keep reading = business keep coming.
On the other hand, bad! This is my blog. But where's ME?
*Duh! Sincerely Apologize*

For those who is following me or sort-of stalking me =P
because you want to know more about my life,
here's the post!

I am very relax now! I've got my exam result and..
fortunately the outcome is satisfying!
In fact, it's more than what I expected.
Surprisingly better than last semester =D
I though I would fail my Marketing Communication subject
because, the exam paper was killing me.
It was not difficult but I couldn't answer most of the questions.
*It was really scary! I swear*
That was the first time I felt so nervous in the exam hall!
The feeling was terrible! Time is running out..
Paper is still blank..and my brain is empty!
*imagine that*
It feels like - Someone is kidnapping me.
They want money.
I don't have money and so I need to sit there till the boom explode.
wth? HAHAHA Anyway, you know what I mean right?

I was so delighted with my result.
I was excited and I can't wait to announce it!
The question who?
HAHAHA Who cares? =_="
I shouted the news to my housemate
I announced it on facebook
and I called my mum!

"Maa..I passed all of my exams..Initially I just wanted to pass!
and I accidentally scored way more than pass. My score is too much now."
(HAHAHAHA Too proud lol)

mum replied
"You're just lucky! Work harder for the next semester"

And yes! NEXT semester is my LAST semester!
I need to really concentrate on my study! *really*
My 1st class for next sem commence on 14th of July!
Which means I am left with approx 3 weeks of holiday! =D

Love and hate with blogger life!
I have a lot of event to attend to!
I have a lot of product that is coming my way! and on hand,
I've a lot of product that are waiting for my review.
I can choose to stay at home and reply no to the email though.
I can't. I don't know why! I can't stop myself from attending event
and receiving products. I just can't.
This is called the bloliaddict (blogger-life-addicted) =_="
I need to attend an event tmrw and on 25th June,
I got 4 event that's happening on that day (god bless me)

I have agreed to 3 part time job at the moment!
Pay are all HIGH and so, I decided to go for it.
Besides, I have nothing to do anyway!
*wait* I do looks like I have nothing to do.
But in fact, I have a lot of blogger thinggy to do.
That's why I am stress T-T.
I don't know whether I am busy or not. Whuaiz...!
I need to work on 30th June, 6-8 July, 8-14 July.

Yeah! I need to settle school fee for next semester soon.
Sometimes I wonder HOW..
How can papa support us to be in Singapore?
How can papa earn so much money and give us such a good life?
How much money did papa earned every month?
Papa is amazing! *My Hero!* Xing khu ni le..
I have been counting counting and counting.
My conclusion is
"It's impossible for me to earn such an amount of money
to return to papa"
Oh God! I have overspent T-T

What is my plan after graduate?
Hm..I think I will look for a full-time job!
Work for a year or two and get my ass off Singapore.
Yes I need to work and earn money myself asap!

Weight : lower than average (yay!)
Height: no sign of increasing (of course =_=")
Skin (hand and back): bad! (It annoys me! T-T)
Face: pretty (wtf haha I mean my skin is pretty good now.
It's not too dry and most importantly free from acne)
Nail : short (Dear nails, please grow faster)
Hair : Very Straight, Too straight, Really Straight (I want volume!)
Inside : I am having my period now (wth hahaha so not important)

What is love?
Haizz..It doesn't interest me anymore.
To be in relationship is boring!
He's now in Jakarta. He's going to China on Thurs.
It was a last-minute-plan.
Reason: to accompany his friend.
It equals to = leaving me alone at home.
what a good boyfriend and friend!
I am tired and puzzled.
I don't know.

My sis is getting married soon. Early next year I guess.
Friends and Families have been asking me.
"When is your turn? when is your turn?"
fml! I don't know what to answer.
Honestly, I used to think that marriage is fun!
To have a partner is cool!
To get married was my dream. But not anymore.
I don't have any plan on marriage at the moment.
What's in my brain are..
I want a lot of money! I want to work!
I want a job! I want to earn a lot of money for my parent.
I want to be independent. I don't want to rely on anyone.
As long as I am rich, I don't need to afraid for anything.

Lastly, I have been sleeping at 6am
since the day I started my holiday!
That's why I am still typing this now.
Time now is 04.00am sharp!
I am going to apply mask and sleep asap.
Can't wait to meet Kelly- my ex-classmate
for the FashionTV party tonight!
*Wohoo! I was exclusively invited man!*
and it's held at The Swiss Stamford Hotel.

Hada Labo Mask!

Ohya! update on Gucci:
Still single, available and as cute as ever! lol

Good night for me and good morning for y'all!

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