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10 June 2011 - HTC Best Mobile Blog 2011


Hi guys, I am quite sure, for those who read my blog knew that,
my blog is selected to be in top ten list for the
Best Mobile Blog Category
by HTC Singapore in the blog award 2011.

Last week I attended the top ten finalist briefing at
the HTC concept store
located in one of the largest shopping centers in Singapore,
NEX- Serangoon!
It was an insightful briefing where we were introduced to
HTC, the company itself and of course the mobile phone as well.

Visit the concept store to explore all of the HTC mobile phones! =)
I believed the staffs would be glad to serve you
and answer all of your questions too.

To be honest, before this, I am not familiar with the brand, HTC.
The first time I heard about it was from my bro.
He was sort of doing-presentation telling me about
how good and how high tech HTC is.
However, I wasn't paying attention to him and so I wasn't impressed.

My perception about HTC has changed!
After the briefing presented by Mr. Wayne Tang ,
HTC Product Marketing Manager of Southeast Asia,
I was amazed and would love to really own one!

HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation)
is actually a Taiwan-based manufacturer of smartphones.
In fact, they have been working in the market since long time ago!
In recent years, they moved from the back stage and
started to introduce cool gadgets under their own brand, HTC.

"The company initially made smartphones based mostly on
Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system (OS) software,
but in 2009 it began to shift its core focus away from
Windows Mobile devices to devices based on Android OS,
and in 2010 to Windows Phone OS as well."
(Source: Wikipedia)

I believed we all know that,
HTC is well-known for its innovation and modern design.

And I can't wait to review the phone!!
Thanks to HTC Singapore for the HTC Incredible S!!
and I would do a detailed-write up about the phone.
Very soon! =)

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