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21 June 2011

Pink Brown Eyeliner and Mascara

Look at my new ring!

I love it extremely much! =D

I got it from NEX- Serangoon Mall - Random corner.

It was selling at $7 only! aw!

I called it the Butterfly garden!

Yay! Look at my new make up product =D

Guess what? Finally I've published my 1st video online!

Wohooo!! I filmed this video yesterday! and

I just uploaded it today *Hot from Oven* I hope you'll like it.

Kindly Subscribe to ReneeeTV if you have a youtube account =)


Kindly give me some comments too.

Thank you so much for the love - Eternity Inter-trade Singapore!

Today I am going to review Pink Brown Mascara and Pink Brown Eyeliner

The product will only be released in July.

You can get it from SASA very soon!

Let's start from the mascara!

There are two types of Pink Brown Mascara

Lengthening Mascara and Curl Mascara!

(Price: $24.80)

This is my Pink Brown Curl Mascara!

I love the packaging so much!

Soft pink with flora print on it!

I love the mascara comb!

Other than curling up my lashes, it separates my lashes nicely!

It's waterproof and sweat proof too!

what's special about this is, it's in Pink Brown Colour!

It made my look sweeter and softer.

Just like Japanese! =D

(They always use brown colour product instead of black)

With Pink Brown product, I can now matches my make up with

my (or should I say Asian) hair colour!

I always find it weird when my eye brow, eyelash and eye liner

are black and my hair is brown!

I've stopped using black colour eye liner since ages ago!

I always get dark brown or brown for my eye liner.

It's hard to find light brown/ blonde product in the drug stores.

Thanks to Eternity trade for bringing in such a lovely product!

Pink Brown Curl Eyeliner (Price: $23.90)

Look at the brush!

PS: I used to hate using liquid eyeliner.

Reason: sometimes the brush is too big that it became

a black eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner. Agree? lol

Or sometimes, because of the thick brush,

my double eyelid can't be seen lol Agree?

Honest from the bottom of my heart.

I love this product! Look at how fine the brush it!

I even can use it on my to line my lower eyes.

I always scare to put lower liner because

I'll look fierce with it or sometimes creepy!

But not for Pink Brown Eyeliner! *video has proven*

Look at how easy I apply it on my lower eye.

What's important is that, again, it comes in soft brown color!

It creates a gentle, sweet and charming looks.

Disclaimer: Products are sponsored.

But review is honest from my heart =)

Here's the final look photos:

Complete with eye make up!

I was using Shills- Dot Dot eye shadow

Sweet? Hahaha =)

Thank you so much for reading =D

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