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23 June 2011

Only $35 for 2D1N Stay @ Celestial Resort at Pulau Ubin. Inclusive of Lagoon Snorkelling + Fish Spa + Welcome Drink + Breakfast

53% off 2D1N Stay @ Celestial Resort at Pulau Ubin.
Inclusive of Lagoon Snorkelling + Fish Spa + Welcome Drink + Breakfast.
Only $35 instead of $75 (Minimum 2 pax)

OhMyGod!! What a deal! Seriously!
It saves me A LOT of money man!
This is really a good deal! I've done my research =)
A ferry ride to Pulau Ubin only cost $2.50!

For a standard room in Celestial Resort...
Actual price costs $138 man!

For activities such as snorkeling and fish spa,

these are the rates..

The deal that I mentioned above includes
Lagoon Snorkeling (3hrs) Fish Spa (2hrs) !!!
The activities itself already cost almost $35!


  • 53% off 2D1N Stay @ Celestial Resort at Pulau Ubin.
  • Inclusive of Lagoon Snorkelling + Fish Spa + Welcome Drink
  • Only $35 per pax instead of $75 (Minimum 2 pax to go)
  • 2D1N Stay inclusive of:
  • Standard twin sharing room
    • Activities:
      • Lagoon Snorkeling (3 Hours)
      • Fish Spa (2 Hours)
    • Welcome Drink
    • Breakfast
    • 10% off Live Seafood restaurant

I have bought mine!!! wohoo!! I can't wait to visit Pulau Ubin!
I've been in Singapore for 3yrs.
Finally I got a chance to be a sort-of-tourist
to another part of Singapore! Pulau Ubin!
I've read some review and a lot of them said that..
The seafood there is FRESH and not so expensive..
Duh! I want to eat kampong dishes!
I want to stay away from fast food for a while!

You can do fishing, kayaking, swimming and etc on the island.
Most popular activity is CYCLING!
Which I don't know how to..
HAHAHA I want him to give me a ride..
and hopefully we won't break the bycycle lol
yay yay yay!

Get your deal HERE !!

Voucher is valid till 30th September!
You still have plenty of time to plan for your trip.
What's important is BUY FIRST!
The deal is ending soon!

Here's what I've planned!
We will start our journey at 11.00am
Travel from home to MRT Clementi - Tampines ! (40mins)
Take bus 29 at the bus interchange
Alight at Before Turnhouse Road, Netharavon Road (20mins)
Should be able to arrive at the terminal around 12.ooam

Cost of the bumboat: $2.50/person (wef 15 Apr 08).
Maximum 12 passengers.
Just join the queue and the boats will leave
when they have 12 persons.
If there are less than 12 persons,
you might have to wait a little while until enough people turn up.
Or you can pay $30 and go straight away.
Journey will take 10-15mins!

Yay! I think we should have arrived in Pulau Ubin by 12.30am
The first thing would be to find a restaurant and have a lunch first.

Then we should look for transportation!
Hire a van or rent a bicycle to go to the resort.
It should takes less than 10mins to the resort - 1.30pm

Then we'll see if we can do an early check in.
Because check in time is at 2.00pm!
There's a welcome drink for us! (it's included)
Put our things in the resort and go to Chek Jawa
10mins by van cost $4-$6/pax
40mins by bicycle

I've just read that,
I should wear cover shoe and preferably long pants!
Because we'll be exploring the shores at Chek Jawa.

The best way to avoid injuries

  • Walk slowly, watch where you put your foot.
  • Avoid stepping into the water. Especially avoid murky water, or water full of seaweeds,where you cannot see what you are stepping on.
  • Do not touch or step on animals.
  • Do not harass animals. CHOPSTICKS ARE BAD. They make you want to poke everything at close quarters, well within striking distance of animals that can sting, bite, pinch and slash you.
  • Wear COVERED shoes. Booties are best. (see below)
  • Wear long pants to cover all skin exposed to water. Tuck your pants into your booties or shoes.
After walking around, time should be around 3.30pm.
We'll travel back to the resort and see if we can do snorkeling!
(it's included)
It would take us about 1-2 hours only I think.
Then it's 5.30pm now..

Take a bath and go for fishing, prawning or crabbing! =D
Let's hope that we'll get to catch some fish for dinner.
Hopefully we can have our dinner before 7pm!
If don't have fish, we'll just order one from the restaurant! HAHA!

Go back to the resort and get connected (free wi-fi) yay!
Then Zzz..

Next day, we will have our breakfast in the resort! (It's included!)
I think we'll wake up at about 09.00am or 10.00am?
Then we'll explore around P.Ubin,
We need to go back to the resort and check out at 12pm.
After that, we'll do the fish spa till about 02.00pm?
Look for lunch...and go home at about 03.00pm or 04.00pm!
Wohooo!!! I can't wait I can't wait!

Get your deal at NOW!
1. Buy
2. Print out Voucher
3. Make reservation
4. GO!

Easy steps!

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