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04 June 2011

My Sweet Lips! - Barbie Raspberry Lipgloss

MAD cute =x !

I am not sure if you guys knew about the fact that..

I don't like to apply ANYTHING on my lip!

Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lipbalm, etc..

And now, I would like to officially announced that..

I have found THE WORLD BEST Lipgloss..

Hahahaha Yeap! Barbie Lipgloss!

I am SO in love with it..because...I CAN EAT IT!

Haha! Raspberry flavor! lol

This is not a lipgloss but a sweet candy gel that's edible =D

Dry lip!

And now, I can have a shiny and sweet lip =D

without cosmetic lipgloss yay!

I love Lip Candy! - Barbie Lip Gloss can be found in 7-11 !


Thanks for your lovely comment!