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22 June 2011

My Kitty Cafe ! - The first Hello Kitty themed cafe in Batam!

As y'all know, I went back to Batam last week.
It was Mum's birthday! and so I went back to celebrate with her.
(I felt guilty as I traveled back to Singapore before Father's day)
*I sincerely apologize dad T-T I have an important event to attend.
It doesn't mean that you are not important. You are VERY Important!
I believed you can understand my situation and forgive me. =(
I am on my way to do something and make you proud
*be patient and muack!*

Anyway, when I was in Batam, bro informed me that
there's a newly open Hello Kitty-themed Cafe in BCS Mall.
I don't know why but it doesn't really interest me.
Hahaha in addition, I love Charmmy Kitty not Hello Kitty =P
For those who don't know, they are two different kitties!

To be honest, I went down to try it just because,
I thought it would be interesting to share about it on my blog.
I believed Hello Kitty fans in Batam, Indonesia or Singapore
would love to know more about it.

Btw, the name of it is "My Kitty Cafe"
Here's some pictures of the interior

I am so sorry but the ceiling light scared me lol

The chairs and its surrounding!

The only corner that I like =D

Here's the dessert menu.

Pussy Kitty? Hm..No comment lol

They served main course and some side dishes too.

I went there for two times!

My first time was with dad mum and bro!

Yes they are young! Hahaha =P

If I am not wrong, we ordered..
1 fried rice, 1 mayo prawn, 1 black pepper beef and a lot more.
Guess what? we waited for nearly an hour! *not kidding*
The waiter named Gavin (If I am not wrong) was attentive though.
He did told us that the food may take some time.
We can understand!
as it's a newly open cafe so the chef and staffs may not be familiar.
So we said "It's alright" as we though it may just take couple of minutes.
We ordered some drinks while waiting..

My Sweet Kitty

Blue Soda by Fidelia

After about 15mins of waiting,
I decided to order a chocolate Fondue for munching.
Luckily dessert were served pretty fast.

Generous amount of fruits and biscuits but min. choco.
It looks more like a sauce instead of fondue.
Btw, it was a strawberry chocolate fondue
and the sweetness is acceptable.

After waiting for an hour, we decided to cancel our order.
We were extremely starving lol, unfortunately.

This is a Chicken Steak. Photo courtesy of Fidelia.

Kitty shaped carrot

Second visit was with llb =D
llb= long-lost-babes Hahaha. We met once every ages lol
I met with Angel & Terryn at BCS Mall and we decided to patronize
My kitty cafe *again.
This time round, I didn't order main course *again unfortunately*
Reason: I was rushing! lol
Anyway, we only ordered a rainbow pudding
(Mango & Strawberry pudding)

And a Kitty Pancake which personally I found it weird.

It's made from heavy-flour and tasteless.

I can't really judge them now as they are new in the market

and they just open for less than a month?

I may patronize them again and try their main course in the future.

As for the dessert, unfortunately not as what I expected.

The only things that I am satisfied with is their staffs.

They are friendly and approachable.

It was a good afternoon session with llb though!

I can't wait for the next session!

Departure time was 2.40pm Indo time = 3.40pm Sgp time

Journey takes approx an hour. I arrived in Singapore at 4.40pm!
Just nice! It didn't hit taxi peak hour 5pm! Hahaha!

The charges may not be a lot but it's still money!

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