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05 June 2011

Hong Kong : The Manchester United Experience - The Venetian Macau

We did not plan to visit this. We didn't even knew that,

there's a Manchester United Experience Store in The Venetian!

Thanks to my parent, for giving me a pair of big and bright eyes.

I spotted the brochures on the rack. Hahaha..

And of course, someone get excited of it! and we visited the store.

What's The Manchester United Experience about?

Here's what I got from their website here

Come experience the passion of the world’s most celebrated football club as you live the dream of playing at Old Trafford for Manchester United.
Step into the boots of your favorite footballer, score a goal and hear the roar of the crowds. You won’t be standing on the sidelines. You can dribble like Ronaldo, attack like Berbatov, and strike like Rooney. That’s the kind of interactive football experience waiting for you at The Manchester United Experience.

Find out what it’s like to be on the inside at Manchester United as you immerse yourself in an interactive history of the club, compete against fans from around the world in our training zone, get a virtual tour of the famous Old Trafford stadium and see football like never before in our Theatre of Dreams.

Aha..The champion..! of English Premier League =P

First floor is all the merchandises and

Here's how it looks like on second floor!

This is the mad-Manchester United Fans!

I don't know what exactly it is but he asked me to capture it.

I guess it is an original piece of paper

that contains the info of the team formation years back.

Get interactive!

Experience the changing room!

Skills Training Pods:
•On the Turn

All-Access Pass
Enter the inner sanctum of the Manchester United Football Club as you step into a replica of the player’s locker room at Old Trafford. Take a photo with Berbatov’s jersey or browse through a digital version of Wayne Rooney’s kitbag to find out real about his career, hobbies and things you never knew about him. Don’t leave the locker room until you’ve gotten a virtual pep talk from Sir Alex Ferguson himself about what it takes to be a Manchester United champion.

Test Your Skills as a Manager
View football broadcasts from around the world and highlights from some of the greatest games in Manchester United history at our Media Center. Also see if you’ve got what it takes to lead your team to victory in our Match the Manager Game. You make the calls and decide what move your Club should make next in actual game scenarios. Find out if your decision matches those made by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Witness Football Like Never Before
The suspense builds as you walk through the tunnel and step onto the pitch of our Theater of Dreams. Witness football like you’ve never seen it before with 360 degree, high definition, 3-meter high screens that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s as close as anyone can get to the real thing. You’ll taste, smell, see and hear all of the excitement of a real match as you watch a short film by award-winning English director, Darryl Goodrich.

Play in the Theatre of Dreams
Your journey is almost complete. You’ve studied the history of Manchester United and what it takes to be a champion. You’ve trained with the team, sat in the locker room and heard from Sir Alex Ferguson, and stepped on our virtual pitch to witness what it’s like to play in the Theater of Dreams.

Monitors all over the place.

Wanna have some burger or hotdog?

United souvenirs?

Lastly, we brought home some memories..

Cool? Hahaha!

Watch the video here!

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