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03 June 2011

Hong Kong : The Venetian Macau

So after traveling around the Macau City,

We decided to go to The Venetian!

It is a must-visit attraction when you go to Macau!

About Venetian Macau

The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel

plays a crucial role in making Macao one of Asia's

most exciting entertainment destinations and

preeminent convention and exhibition venues.

Large enough to hold ninety Boeing 747 jumbo jets,

nowhere else in Asia will you find such a rare combination of

facilities, attractions and amenities than at this 3,000 suite flagship property.

(Source : Venetian Macau)

Look at the interior!

It was so grand and stunning!

I love those ceiling! So victorianized!

Here's a picture of the mafia.

A picture of us =P

A picture of him with flash!

Me-without flash!

How I hope the interior of my new home is like that too! *dreaming*

Man-made cloud was so real!

Random performances on the street

The Bridge!

Deep thought lol

We were there at about 5-6pm?

There's no night life in Venetian!

It won't rain too. Always sunny! lol

There is a lol of well-known brand shops in it.

Zara, Esprit, Mango, Guess and etc (semi-branded brand)

1st meal in Macau was Luncheon meat rice with egg!

We were sitting facing the river..

Wanna have some boat rides?

Stay tune!

The Manchester United Experience Store for the next post!

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